Here at Coupon Chief, we know that freedom really isn’t free. We’re thankful to veterans from every branch of the military, whether combat vets or stateside support. Everyone who raised a hand to declare allegiance to the flag and country, then made themselves available to defend it, is a hero in our estimation.

Welcome home to those who have finished their military obligation, and “Thank you” to those who still serve.

The aim of this guide is to show veterans of the United States military some of the many benefits extended to them from grateful businesses like ours. These discounts and special offers are but symbols of the great gratitude we feel for you and your sacrifice.

Special Discounts for Veterans of the U.S. Military

Veterans Discount

First, we’ll provide examples of organizations that serve as clearinghouses for discounts provided to veterans. Then, we’ll look at discounts available from individual businesses to give you an idea of how varied the possibilities really are. Finally, we’ll point out some additional sources of special interest.

Veterans can save on everything from airplane tickets, to cell phone services, refrigerators, and even burritos! Come on, vets, let’s get started. You deserve every penny of the savings and every bit of the gratitude you’ll find here.

Where to Find Discountsfor Veterans

Search for Discounts

First, a warning. While doing the research for this guide, we discovered that some of the sites offering to provide veterans discounts are not only cumbersome (loaded with pop-ups) but may even be a security risk. Be careful and never provide personal information unless you feel absolutely confident about doing so.

We’ve checked each of the websites listed below, and all seem to be above-ground, but use your own judgement in every situation. Chances are good that you’ll find all the information you need right here. One more note: This information was current when this guide was prepared, and we believe it is accurate. The only way to know for sure, though, is to go to the website or business listed to verify the discounts available.

Here are the top three clearinghouses we know of. The first is free, the second is a paid service, and the third is an e-commerce site only for vets.

benefits availablefor Veterans

Benefits for Veterans
  • What it does provides info on benefits available to vets, keeps up with military-related news, helps veterans find jobs, provides information support to those on active duty, has an excellent video library, and covers discounts in a variety of categories.

  • Who can join

    Membership is open to current military personnel, military families, and veterans.

  • Background

    With 10 million members, it’s the “largest military and veteran membership organization” you’ll find. The site was launched in 1999 and became affiliated with Monster Worldwide (a leader in connecting people with jobs) in 2004.

  • Membership costs

    Membership in is FREE!

  • Special services

    The site includes a “Buddy Finder” and list of scheduled reunions, it provides updated data on benefits for vets, includes finance tips and VA home loan info, helps veterans build resumes, and more.

All we can say about this site is “Wow.” Thank you,!Categories and examples of military discounts available include:

Brands with veteran discounts

Those are just some of the categories of discounts available to U.S. military veterans you can access via The bottom line on this website: Check it out!

VetRewards CardThe Veterans

Veterans Advantage Card
  • What it does

    The Veterans Advantage VetRewards Card provides a combination of financial, medical, and travel benefits estimated by the group to be worth $1,000 annually. It also serves to help protect the privacy of cardholders.

  • Who can join

    Membership is open to military veterans and retirees, active duty military, and the families of current or past service members.

  • Background

    The organization was founded in 2001 to advocate for veterans. The aim is to secure greater “respect, recognition, and rewards.”

  • Membership costs

    Membership is currently tiered at $59.95 for one year, $149.95 for three years, or $199.95 for five years.

  • Special services

    The Veterans Advantage CarePackage includes Travel Guard MEDEVAC coverage, prescription discounts, financial planning services, and a $5,000 accidental death and dismemberment policy.

Categories and examples of military discounts available include:

Brands with military discounts

The Veterans Advantage Card has been issued over one million times. Many subscribers say the annual fee is easily offset by discounts – especially travel discounts – and the CarePackage benefits. Visit their benefits page to see whether a membership in Veterans Advantage is for you.


Veteran opportunities

Many of the sites for veteran discounts ask for verification information that includes your social security number or a copy of your DD214. One of the few sites we felt good about providing sensitive data to is GovX. It has the reputation of being a hotspot for vets who want exclusive opportunities and discounts.

  • What it does

    GovX is an e-commerce site based in California. It partners with the Air Force Association, the Marine Corps Association, and the National Association for Uniformed Services.

  • Who can join

    Membership is open to current and past military personnel as well as to “related government agencies.”

  • Background

    The organization was founded in 2011 to provide an online store for shopping by members only.

  • Membership costs

    Membership is FREE.

  • Special services

    GovX not only provides information about discounts, but enables members to purchase items from the GovX website.

Categories and examples of military discounts available include:

Brands with military discounts

For those who aren’t comfortable with uploading personal documents to an e-commerce website, GovX offers a call-in option for veteran status verification. We didn’t take that route, but it would seem you still have to let go of some pretty important data in order to gain membership. Are the benefits worth it? You’ll have to take a look and decide for yourself. A GovX membership may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Businesses Currently Providing Discounts to Veterans

Businesses giving discounts to veterans

Veterans often miss out on saving money simply because they’re not aware the discount is available. The way to cut to the chase and get insider information on whether or not a business has a veterans discount is to go straight to the source and ask.

Here’s a sampling of the companies we found that regularly honor military service by providing discounted products and services. This is not a complete list, nor does it include the many stores that provide special benefits only on Veterans Day.

  • 1-800-BASKETS 20% off to veterans every day with promo code MILITARYUSA. Or, find more 1800Baskets promo codes.
  • 1-800-FLOWERS 20% off for veterans on select fresh flowers and treats. Use the MILITARYUSA promotion code, or any of these 1800flowers coupons.
  • A&W Restaurant Some stores do. Some stores don’t. Ask at the location.
  • ACE Hardware 10% discount for veterans one day each week. Depends on store ownership, though, so ask at your local ACE. If you want to shop online, we’ve got plenty of Ace Hardware promo codes.
  • Advance Auto Parts Varies by location. Some provide a 10% discount. Ask at the store. Ask at the store, or see our full list of Advance Auto coupons
  • AMC Theatres Word on the street is that veterans can get a buck and a half off all movie tickets at AMC.
  • American Eagle Outfitters Up to 15% off for veterans, depending on the location and the manager. See more American Eagle coupons.
  • Applebee’s Some stores do. Some stores don’t. Ask at the location.
  • Arby’s Some stores do. Some stores don’t. Ask at the location.
  • AT&T 15% savings on qualified monthly service charges and exclusive packages are available to veterans. Take your identification to a local store to get registered. Here’s our full list of AT&T promo codes.
  • Autozone 10% discount for veterans on auto parts, or get a full list of Autozone promo codes
  • Back Yard Burgers Some stores do. Some stores don’t. Ask at the location.
  • Banana Republic Ask about their everyday 15% discount for veterans. That’s what we’ve heard, but can’t verify on their website. If you plan to shop online, here’s an updated page of Banana Republic coupons.
  • Bass Pro Shops Discounts for vets throughout the year. Ask at your local store, or get Bass Pro coupons right here.
  • Bennigan’s Check for current veterans discounts when visiting a Bennigan’s restaurant – especially on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day. Some Bennigan’s locations provide a 10% discount to veterans every day of the year.
  • Ben & Jerry’s This one varies by location and day of year, but it’s possible for vets to get a 15% discount at Ben & Jerry’s locations. How do you find out? Ask at the counter or call before going.
  • Best Buy Some stores provide a 10% discount to vets. Some don’t. Ask at your location, or start with our Best Buy coupons.
  • Bob Evans The breakfast king provides a free meal on Veterans Day, but we’ve heard they’ll grant a 10% discount any day of the year to veterans with appropriate identification. How to find out for sure? Ask!
  • Burger King Always ask about a veterans discount at the store. Some offer 10% and some don’t. It’s up to the local manager.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines Special promotions for vets about at Carnival. Always ask when planning a cruise. Your veterans identification could save some serious bucks here.
  • Chase Bank Special offers for veterans. Check at the bank.
  • Chick-Fil-A Some stores do. Some stores don’t. Ask at the location.
  • CiCi’s Pizza The discount amount varies, but many CiCi’s stores do provide a discount to veterans. Since most are locally owned, it’s up to each store’s management.
  • Costco For new memberships only. Get $50 in discounts when you validate your status as a veteran to get membership activation certificates.
  • Dairy Queen Many locations give 10% off to veterans with identification. Ask at the store.
  • Dell Computer Veterans get a 10% discount after verification. Also, you can save big bucks on your next Dell with our Dell coupons.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods Some stores do. Some stores don’t. Ask at the location.
  • Disney Properties Active and retired members can always get a discount, but all veterans are eligible for some discounts at some properties. Always ask.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Ask at the counter for current specials. You may need a Veterans Advantage card for the deepest discounts.
  • General Motors Check their vets page for info. May is Military Appreciation Month.
  • Golden Corral Ask at the location. Many provide a 10% veteran discounts on their famous “endless buffet.”
  • Greyhound 10% off tickets for you and your family every day of the year. 20% with a Veterans Advantage Card.
  • Hard Rock Café Get a 10% discount with proper identification.
  • Hardees Ask at the location. We’ve heard some do provide veteran discounts.
  • HP Use company code 2727 to get special discounts online, or see our full list of HP coupons.
  • Home Depot All vets get a 10% discount on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day. Active, retired, and disabled military get that same discount every day of the year. You can also shop using these current Home Depot coupons.
  • Hooter’s 15% off for veterans. Varies according to location and night.
  • IHOP 10% off your bill at most locations. Ask your server.
  • JCPenney 20% off every day at every store. Must have identification. Specials on Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day. And here’s all of our JCPenney coupons.
  • JetBlue 5% discount to Veterans Advantage cardholders. You can also earn extra points in the TrueBlue rewards program.
  • Jiffy Lube 25% off all services when you prove your status as a vet. Ask for promo code MIL25. May not be available in your location.
  • Knott’s Berry Farm Ongoing discounts. Specials on Military Tribute Days (May 28-30).
  • LaQuinta Inns & Suites The Military Rewards provides 12% discount on rooms as well as other special discounts and rewards for veterans. If you need another coupon, here’s all of our La Quinta promo codes.
  • Lowes Specials during Military Appreciation Month, but discounts are available every day of the year. Ask at the store, since some programs may be at the discretion of the manager. We put all our current Lowes promo codes here.
  • Maxx HD Sunglasses Veterans receive a 20% discount by using this special code at checkout: vet20.
  • Papa Murphy’s Ask at the location. We’ve heard some do provide veteran discounts.
  • Pine Oak Farm Get a 10% discount on your order at checkout by using this code: militaryservice. Pine Oak Farm is a veteran-owned business. Part of the proceeds go to veteran organizations.
  • Pizza Hut Ask at the location. We’ve heard some do provide veteran discounts.
  • Regal Cinemas Some locations offer military discounts. Ask at the box office.
  • Rocky Mountain Tracking Save 5% on your GPS tracking system by using this code at checkout: USMILITARY.
  • Schlotzsky’s Deli Ask at the location. We’ve heard some do provide veteran discounts.
  • Six Flags Military and veteran specials throughout the year. Check with the location you want to visit.
  • Sleep Number $100 extra discount on any mattress for veterans. Program dates and amounts can vary. Check the website for current information. That’s likely a better offer than our Sleep Number coupons.
  • Sprint Save on monthly data during National Military Appreciation Month. If you need a promo code for a phone, check these other Sprint promo codes.
  • Taco Bell The Patriot Business Program provides a 10% discount on your entire order. Ask at the counter for details.
  • Texas Roadhouse Ask at the location. Some provide up to a 20% discount to veterans.
  • Under Armour Veterans get a 10% discount every day, both online and in-store. That looks like a better deal than our current Under Armour coupons.
  • U.S. Bank Get any consumer checking account and pay no monthly maintenance fees. Covers Platinum Checking too.
  • Verizon Wireless 15% of your monthly bill for all veterans with proper identification. Verizon also supplies discounted FiOS services and career opportunities for vets.
  • Wendy’s Veterans Advantage cardholders get benefits via a special mobile application. All veterans receive a discount at some locations. Ask your local Wendy’s.
  • Williams-Sonoma Get a 10% discount on all merchandise when you prove your veteran status. Or find their latest sales on this Williams Sonoma coupons page.
  • Zoara Veterans receive a 10% discount on jewelry by using this code at checkout: USMILDISC.

Our aim here is to point out the incredible number of businesses that offer discounts to veterans. Since discount programs can start and stop suddenly and options normally vary from store-to-store and state-to-state, you’ll have to check each time to claim any veterans special discounts available

Here are some important points to remember:
  • Discounts for veterans are normally not publicized. Get in the habit of asking at checkout time. You’ll often be pleasantly surprised.

  • The identification needed varies from business to business. Sometimes, you just need to say you’re a veteran. Other situations require an identification card or a copy of your DD214. Many states now identify their veterans by including that information on the driver’s license.

  • We know that veterans often don’t feel like they should receive special treatment. Their service isn’t something they like to bring up and talk about. Benefits are there if you want to receive them, but it’s entirely your prerogative. We’re just pointing them out.

Others Offering Special Services or Unique Benefits

Other special benefits
  • American Legion Benefits Calculator

    Find out which benefits your service may entitle you to. This is an excellent tool and it’s on a trusted site. While you’re there, check out American Legion benefits in general. You may want to join. It’s way worth it.

  • USAA

    Looking for discounts on auto insurance, life insurance, financial planning, and more? Don’t miss this granddaddy of all veterans’ benefits organizations. It’s a must-stop location.


    This site provides information on which carmakers and car sellers are currently providing benefits. How up-to-date and extensive it is, we can’t say. If you’re in the market for an automobile, though, it sure couldn’t hurt to take a look.


    This appears to be a pretty cool tool. The database seems fairly small right now, but should grow as the concept develops. You don’t need to

Special Discounts for Veterans of the U.S. Military

Special discounts for veterans

If you take away one thing from this guide, it’s to ask whether or not the business you’re patronizing provides discounts for veterans.

It’s a simple and valid question. Many businesses do, but few advertise the fact widely. It’s absolutely possible to save thousands of dollars per year on the products and services you regularly buy.

Let’s face it, without the sacrifices laid down by members of our armed forces, our country and our economy would not be as strong and free as it is currently. Veterans deserve every penny of the discounts available to them and every ounce of their country’s respect.

Coupon Chief salutes you!