Working out at home is all the rage right now. As with any trend, it can feel like it’s necessary to buy new gear. However, there are plenty of ways to both get in shape and stay on budget. With this in mind, here are a few ways to save on workout gear.

Make A List

Before you start purchasing workout clothing and other equipment, take inventory of what you have as well as what you think you need. For example, some instructors or influencers might lead you to believe that you need every piece of equipment they have. However, you might be able to start doing yoga at home using a book instead of a block, or a towel instead of a yoga mat. Don’t let your lack of “official” equipment stand between you and a great workout. Who knows; you might be able to avoid buying fancy gear altogether.

Shop for Bargains

If you do have a list of things you want or need, you can turn to the Internet to find great bargains. It’s easiest to find great bargains on workout gear as the seasons change and around holidays. This is because stores need to get rid of their inventory to make room for new styles. Therefore, they’ll often entice buyers with a sale, coupon, or even free shipping.

Additionally, it can pay off to spend some extra time searching different websites to find a deal. For example, you might have your eyes on a specific pair of shoes. Depending on the manufacturer, different retailers might offer different prices for the same pair of shoes. Take your time searching for different websites and retailers to find great deals.

Use Coupons

Even if you can’t find a great way to save on workout gear, you might be able to apply a coupon to help you save money. You can find plenty of coupons on sporting goods as well as apparel and can apply them to stores, online retailers, and more. Additionally, you can sign up to get coupons sent directly to your inbox, so you’ll never miss the opportunity to get a great deal.

Get Cash Back

If your only option is to pay full price for an item, you might still be able to soften the blow by getting cash back. Several credit cards offer cashback on purchases, so as long as you aren’t carrying a balance each month on your credit card, you can make your credit card cashback or points work for you.  Additionally, if you shop through a rebate site like Rakuten or have Dosh installed on your phone, you might be able to get cash back for some of your purchases.

Take Care of Your Clothing

This one might come as a no-brainer, but you can save on workout gear by taking good care of the stuff you already have. This might mean hand washing some items or not using chemicals when cleaning your gear. Taking great care of your workout gear will also help you shop for quality items in the future because you’ll already know how your preferred clothing materials and other types of equipment need to be cared for. 

Use Your Network

If you’re looking for a great discount, you might be able to leverage the people you know to get discount codes, coupons, and more to save cash. For example, many online workout groups have a Facebook group or private group message going on behind the scenes.  You can ask around to your trainers and fellow athletes to see if anyone has access to store discounts or has received any coupons that they do not plan to use.

Do Some Price Comparing

Take the time to compare prices whenever possible. This might mean comparing prices on one item but also be sure to compare similar items as well. For example, if you found a pair of tennis shoes that you love, but they’re out of your price range, take the time to look at the specs. Then, you can search for similar shoes in different brands that have similar specs. You might be able to find a great item that is almost the same but in a different brand. Many store-brand items use the same materials as name brand items, so you can still expect the same quality, even when paying far less for an item.

Additionally, many companies release similar items year after year, but with small tweaks or upgrades. You might be able to find last year’s version of an item at a significant discount. Warehouse sales, clearance sections, and overstock websites are great places to search for significantly discounted items.

Check Your Closet

Finally, whether you’re not having luck with finding a deal or you simply are on a tight budget, take inventory of your closet. Do you have an old t-shirt that you never wear? You could repurpose it as a workout shirt. One of the best parts of working out at home is that you can wear whatever is comfortable for you. Just because a product isn’t specifically designed as ‘workout clothing’ doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it for your home workout.

Additionally, you can choose to treat yourself to new gear as you reach your workout goals. For example, maybe you’ll buy yourself a new piece of workout equipment each time you complete 15 home workouts. This practice, often called habit stacking, can help you phase out your old clothing and spread out the expense of buying new gear.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to break the bank when taking up a home workout routine. To save on workout gear, first, evaluate what you already have. Then, decide what you need to buy. Even when spending money, be sure to seek out discounts and shop around when you can. Finally, if you do end up paying full price for something, try to find coupons and discount codes online to alleviate some of the cost.


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