Nothing feels better as a kid than coming home with great grades and a glowing report card. Especially when so many local businesses offer freebies and sweet treats for straight-As. 

Restaurants, retail stores, and even banks are happy to celebrate your child’s great grades. Even with a few Bs or Cs, school-aged kids can celebrate their success with deals from these participating businesses. Hard work at school can really pay off and leaves extra time for more fun things at home

Straight-A Report Card Freebies

Enjoy free meals and awesome discounts for great grades at these participating restaurants and retailers. Call ahead to make sure your local store participates and don’t forget to bring your child’s report card!

Illustration of free food for a straight a report card and ribbon.
  • Applebee’s: Applebee’s partners with schools, teachers, and coaches to reward students with a free kid’s meal coupon.
  • Baskin Robbins: The next time your family goes to get ice cream, be sure your child brings in their report card and shows off their good grades for a free scoop of ice cream. 
  • Burger King: Your student could enjoy a free hamburger or ice cream cone each week when they ace a test. Call to make sure your local restaurant participates. 
  • Chick-fil-A: A great report card with As and Bs can get your child a free ice cream cone or eight-piece nugget order. 
  • Cold Stone Creamery: Students in kindergarten through 5th grade get free ice cream with a straight-A report card. 
  • Culver’s: Culver’s Rewards partners with schools to give out reward coupons for a free scoop of frozen custard or free kids’ meals. 
  • IHOP: Participating IHOP locations give free kids’ meals for great grades on a report card 
  • Jason’s Deli: Students in grades 1–12 receive a free meal for great grades or excellent behavior. You just have to submit a Kid Cash request online. 
  • Krispy Kreme: Your child can get a free donut for each A on their report card. Check the store’s policy first, but they may get as many as six donuts. 
  • Long John Silver’s: Schools can partner with their local Long John Silver’s and get free meal coupons to reward top performers. 
  • Marco’s Pizza: Any student, from kindergarten to college, can order a free one-topping pizza for an A on their report card. 
  • McDonald’s: Elementary students can get a free Happy Meal while older students can enjoy a free value menu meal with a straight-A report card.
  • Pizza Hut: Elementary and middle school students can dive into a free personal pan pizza and small drink when they earn three As on their report card. 
  • Red Robin: Students 10 and younger get a free kid’s meal for good grades or perfect attendance, and students 11 and older enjoy a free Monster Milkshake. 
  • Sonic: Perfect attendance and academic achievement can earn your student a free menu item if their school partners with your local Sonic restaurant. 
  • Wendy’s: Show off your child’s report card and they can enjoy a free treat for As and Bs.
Illustration of free clothes and money with a straight a report card.
  • Chuck E. Cheese: Teachers can award outstanding students with Super Student Certificates, which include 10 free play tokens. 
  • Family Video: Get a free video game or movie rental in June with a straight-A report card. 
  • Justice: Save $5 on your purchase at Justice with a positive report card. Report cards must have been issued within 30 days of purchase. 
  • Bank Discounts: Check with your local banks and credit unions to see what offers they have for good grades. Many will contribute money for straight A and B report cards — up to $10.
  • Car Insurance: Most major insurance companies offer discounts for full-time students ages 16–25 who maintain a B-average or participate in academic organizations.

Printables to Keep Your Student Motivated

Parents can help students earn great grades and stay motivated throughout the year with these school schedule printables. Use stickers to track important dates and keep school schedules organized. This reward card can also help students meet any goal, whether that’s improved grades or to read more books

Mockup of stickers for your school planner.

Click here to download school schedule stickers.

Mockup of a goal tracking worksheet for school.

Click button to download a printable goal tracker.

All of those hours studying can really pay off for students. Not just with great grades, but your family can enjoy free treats and big discounts each semester. Just call your local stores ahead of time and remind your child to bring their report card in to celebrate their academic achievements. 

Grades aren’t all that’s good. Check out these birthday freebies for more ways to celebrate.


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