The best shopping deals don’t typically end after Christmas day. If you’re looking to catch some sales or have gift cards to spend, post-Christmas sales are your best option for saving money.

Of course, you should only take part in post-Christmas shopping if it’s in your budget. However, you can find a lot of great end-of-year deals on items you need and want along with getting ahead on future birthday gifts for friends and family.

Personally, I like to do the bulk of my holiday shopping on Black Friday and during Cyber Week then save a little room in my budget to take advantage of post-Christmas sales for household purchases and other gifts. Here are the best places to look.

1. White Sale – Clothes

People who tend to make a big deal out of Black Friday sales often forget about the White Sale which occurs after Christmas. If you ever drive past the mall after Christmas, you’ll see that it’s packed because most retailers are offering a sale.

This is the perfect time to buy clothing for yourself and your family. Take advantage of deals often up to 70% off and update your wardrobe or get a much-needed gift for a friend. If you are celebrating the holidays with friends after Christmas, it would be wise to hold off on getting your gift and wait for the post-Christmas White Sale if possible.

2. Holiday Decor Post-Christmas Sales

When the holidays officially wrap up, stores will start discounting all their decor in the hopes of getting rid of it. This is the perfect time to stock up on items for next year.

When my husband and I had our first Christmas in our new home, we wanted to decorate the house really nice but felt stretched in terms of what we could do since holiday decor can be very expensive.

We stuck to a budget and added a few items to the decorations we already had. Once I saw stores like Target were selling holiday decor items for 50% off after Christmas, we stocked up. We ended up buying lots of new Christmas lights, all new ornaments for our tree, and some other decorations for less. You really can’t score low prices like that at any other time of the year.

3. Clearance Toys

Sales on toys also tend to continue after Christmas as well. Retailers may be wanting to clear their inventory out and some parents may want to take advantage of the opportunity.

Sure, you may think your kids don’t need any more toys at this time but there are a few exceptions. My son’s birthday is in January so we usually get him one or two gifts and have a party or a nice outing somewhere.

You can even consider buying a few gifts for the following year or just to get ahead. Educational toys could be good for school or make great gifts if you get invited to a birthday party.

4. Home Goods

If you need to do some home projects, replace furniture, or redecorate, you’ll be in luck because home stores tend to have some of their biggest sales after Christmas or in January.

Stores like Home Depot tend to offer 25% – 60% off select items. Again, this is something you can budget for year-round so you don’t drain your finances right after the holidays.

5. Electronics

Don’t forget, January is also a great time to shop for electronics. Stores will have leftover items that they want to get rid of and TVs always go on sale around the Super Bowl.

Regardless, you can always utilize coupons that you find on this site and look into refurbished options to save money on certain devices as well.


Taking advantage of post-Christmas sales is a good idea if you’re looking to save money on things you need or already planned to buy anyway.

While most people spend the bulk of their money before the holidays while shopping for gifts, it may be wise to save a little for the end-of-year sales.

Of course, you should always stick to your budget and resort to planned shopping trips. It’s not all about consumerism and acquiring more stuff bu rather planning ahead and being strategic with your purchases.

Do you shop the post-Christmas sales? What deals have you found?


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