After sitting stuck in our houses all winter long, spring is finally on the horizon. There’s so much to look forward to, between the extra daylight and flower buds popping up. Most importantly, however, we have Easter, a holiday to ring in the new season. Spring is a time for enjoying the little things, and one of the best ways to match that spirit is a low-stress celebration. So, if you want a beautiful but affordable way to step into spring, here are a few ideas to help you host Easter brunch.

Create A Budget and Stick to It

Of course, the first step to hosting on a budget is to make your budget. And that takes preparation, but luckily you still have some time. Take the next few weeks to organize your plans. Your best bet is to have it all in front of you, so write down an inventory of goals. Then you can think about which items take priority. Writing it out will make it concrete and show you where you can and can’t cut corners.

So, once you create the budget for brunch, you have to make sure to stick to it. If you spend too much on one area, like decorations, you won’t have as much money for other places, such as the menu.

Establish a Shopping Plan

It’s hard not to feel tempted to buy when you step into a store in the spring. All the shelves are lined with new, fun items, and it’s almost too easy to sweep one or two into your cart. You don’t want to shop just with your eyes this year, though. To combat impulse buying, create a shopping plan. Find out what new things you definitely have to buy as well as what you can make do with from last year.

For example, you, and possibly your family, want to look nice for the spring event. There are many ways to doctor up an old sweater or dress if you get creative. If not, you can find discounts at your favorite local retailers, including Macy’s and Old Navy.

You can also find discounts on decorations. Michaels is a perfect one-stop-shop for floral and décor options. You can find discounts like 20% off any full-price order until March 27th or 40%. Don’t be disappointed if you miss a particular coupon. New deals are added all the time that could be helpful for your party planning.

Go Thrifting for Extra Décor

You can turn someone’s trash into your Easter treasure. Everyday items spruced up with a bit of color can go a long way this holiday. That’s because Easter is all about light, pastels, and flowers – so less is often more. Check out your local thrift store for the perfect bargain buy.

Mason jars are a great decorating tool for the spring because they have a wonderful, rustic aesthetic. Plus, they’re easy to find second-hand. You can paint them as you like and tie some twine or burlap ribbon around the top for a cute look. Add some flowers, plastic or real, or whatever else you want. You can paint a design on only one side of the jar so that you can still see into it. Then you can stack candy or small eggs inside. The possibilities with an Easter jar are endless, so play around with the look.

Use What You Have to Add Pizzazz

There are probably a few bits of décor you have at home, but they need a little freshening up. Don’t throw them away just because you’ve used them before. Instead, try giving them a new lease on life with some hot glue and paint.

For example, you can take an old door wreath and jazz it up. You can make that decoration as pretty as any other by adding a few new items like fake flowers, robins’ eggs, or faux birds.

And remember, spring has its own palette of colors and patterns. Even if you can’t overhaul your decorations, emphasizing that look can do a lot for your home. You’d be surprised what a few fresh flowers and some gingham can do.

Ask Friends and Family to Bring Additional Items

There is nothing wrong with a potluck or having your family supply certain items. As the host, you should make sure the main course is ready, which doesn’t have to be extravagant. Brunch is an easy meal to fluff up. So, you can make an oven-baked French toast, but ask one of your friends to bring the fruit to go with it. Or, toss together a rich, colorful salad while your sibling buys the sparkling wine for mimosas.

You can even make a friendly competition out of it. The person who brings the best dessert or side dish wins a reward at the end of the meal. You can make your prize as simple as a sash and paper crown or put together a small Easter basket with sweets for them to take home. Either way, the real reward will be spending time together, laughing, and having fun.

Revamp Your Easter Egg Hunt

Before or after you dig into a frittata, you’ll have to crack a few eggs – plastic ones, that is. You could buy Easter baskets for the kids in your home, but they’re often overpriced. Plus, an egg hunt is a great way to get everyone outside to enjoy the spring sunshine.

If you want to add excitement to your Easter egg hunt, there a few things you could try. First, try hiding a prize egg somewhere a bit harder to find. You can put whatever you like in it, whether it be confetti or a bit of money. Or, you could turn it into a scavenger hunt with clues, which would minimize the number of eggs you’d have to hide.

Make sure to save the eggs for next year. It’s a perfect method to minimize costs, so just have everyone drop their shells off with you before they leave.

The Takeaway

You can host Easter brunch without the stress a lot of other holidays bring. Since spring is about new opportunities and growth, you can take that spirit into your celebration with you. It will take some work, like planning and creativity. However, by thinking ahead now, you’ll be in the perfect place by the time Easter rolls around.

Consider the ways you can make this Easter brunch your own and fun for the whole family. Getting everyone involved can take the pressure off of you and make it more personal for you all.


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