I have way fewer clothes than my husband and son, and I love it. There is less to wash and I save time by not having to sort through a ton of outfit options each morning.

A few years ago, I read that successful people often save time, resources, and redirect their decision-making power by keeping their wardrobe simple and limited. Not to mention, you will also save money buy buying fewer clothes.

The concept of creating a limited wardrobe only filled with sustainable items that you truly love is commonly referred to as a capsule wardrobe. I like to go through my closet and switch over clothes whenever the seasons change. With fall right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to either create or update your capsule wardrobe.

Here are some of my best tips to help you build a budget-friendly capsule wardrobe for fall.

Start With a Closet Cleanse

If you want to build a budget-friendly capsule wardrobe, you’ll naturally have to downsize your existing amount of clothing. This can be a pleasant experience if you know you have a lot of old clothes in the closet that you never wear.

Still, you may have a hard time letting go of some of the things you own even if you know you probably won’t wear it in the future.

Last year I watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix and I love how she recommended pickup up an article of clothing and asking yourself if it sparks joy. I’d recommend trying this during your closet cleanse so you can filter though things quickly.

Start a pile for things you’ll keep, what you’ll donate or give away, items to sell, and what can go to the trash.

Consider Selling Some of Your Old Items

If some clothes and accessories are still in good shape, consider selling them online or at a yard sale. You can sell clothes on apps like Poshmark or even on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

You can always take the money you make from the sale and use it to build a budget-friendly capsule wardrobe for any season.

Determine Your Personal Sense of Style

As you start to narrow minimize the amount of clothing in your closet, see if you notice any trends or similarities in the items.

When creating your capsule wardrobe, it’s important to determine your sense of personal style early on. Determine whether you like a certain color scheme or a certain look.

Do you like shirts with stripes or neutral colors? Are you obsessed with fashion scarves? Are polos your thing?

I definitely went through a striped-shirts phase in the past, but now I find that I’m gravitating more toward neutral colors and pastels. I also like to have a few floral dresses in my capsule wardrobe for the warmer months.

Limit the Number of Capsule Wardrobe Pieces You Collect

You might be wondering how large or small should a capsule wardrobe be. The average size is 37 pieces, which can include everything from shirts and pants to skirts, jackets, and shoes. The founder of Project 333 actually used a capsule wardrobe containing 33 items or less for 3 months for at least 6 years.

If you want to create a capsule wardrobe on a budget, the easiest way to do this is to limit the items in your wardrobe to save money. One easy trick I like to do is consider versatile clothing that can be used to create a variety of different outfits.

For example, a jean jacket can be paired with a shirt or dress so many different ways to create unique outfits. Pants and jeans can also be re-worn with other accessories or shirts to create different outfits. If your personal style includes a lot of neutral colors, you can create tons of different outfits with only a few pieces.

Shop Smart When Adding to Your Capsule Wardrobe

You will likely do some shopping for new items when building your capsule wardrobe. Consider your personal style to be the theme of your capsule wardrobe.

Once you know what you’re keeping and what your style is, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for when shopping.

As the popular saying goes: “Fail to plan; plan to fail.” It’s important to always shop with a list or at least know what you have in mind especially if you’re looking to stick to your budget.

Get creative and consider checking out thrift shops first along with stores that buy bay back gently-used clothing and resell it for a low price. You may even be able to find name brand clothing for cheap at some of these gently-used stores.

If you want the items in your capsule wardrobe to last a long time, you’ll also need to consider investing in more sustainable quality clothing as well. Yes, the price tag may be higher for some of these items but you can always save by shopping the clearance rack at department stores or utilizing online coupons or discounts offered by the retailer.


If you’re looking to simplify your life in a variety of ways, I’d highly recommend you build a budget-friendly capsule wardrobe for fall. It’s an easy and great way to save money when it comes to buying clothes.

Consider starting small with a mini-capsule wardrobe of just 10 pieces of clothing. Mix and match and see if you can stick with those 10 items for 2 weeks. Then move forward and create your full capsule wardrobe for the season. Instead of feeling limited in terms of what you wear, you’ll have a closet full of items that you absolutely love along with a lighter laundry load.


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