Life is a series of ups and downs. By drifting through life, you give up your power to create the life of your dreams. If you want to take control of your life and your dreams, goal-setting is the first step to accomplishing anything you desire.

When my so-called “dream job” made a turn for the worse, I decided I needed to take my destiny into my own hands. I had always dreamed about owning my own business, and I felt there was no time like the present. My goal was to quit my corporate job within 6 months and start my own business.

In June of this year, I was able to quit my job and pursue my own business. The exhilaration this accomplishment brought me was indescribable. I felt as if I could do anything if I simply wrote it down, made a plan, and put my mind to it.

Not only does goal-setting help you take control of your life, but it teaches you many lessons along the way. Here are a few things I learned from setting and achieving my goals.

Road Bumps Are A Part of the Process

The journey to quitting my job wasn’t a straight line. There were a series of ups and downs along the way. I learned this is just a part of the journey. Everything will not always go as planned. You have to be prepared to fail and redirect your focus.

Failure is inevitable. You cannot let it get you down. Each road bump you encounter is taking you one step closer to your dream. Get comfortable with failing; it’s a part of the process.

Confidence Was a Result of My Accomplishments

Have you ever said you were going to do something and then put it off or maybe didn’t do it at all? How did you feel afterward? You might have felt defeated as if you can never accomplish anything.

Achieving your goals helps you build your confidence. It doesn’t matter if your goals are big or small. Any accomplishment will help you feel as if you can do anything. After I accomplished my goal, my conviction was through the roof. I felt I could take on anything that was thrown my way. This is true whether your goal is quitting your job or paying off debt.

Your confidence and conviction will help you reach new heights and achieve more than you ever thought was possible.

My Accountability Increased

No one can accomplish your goals for you. If you’re not making progress toward your goals, you’re are 100% accountable. You can surround yourself with people who will help motivate you and encourage you but you have to put in the work.

By achieving my goals, my accountability increased ten-fold. It didn’t matter if I lost motivation for a day or I felt ill, I had to do the work I promised. There were days when I didn’t want to do anything, but by pushing through, my accountability grew.

There will be plenty of times where you won’t “feel” like working on your goals. But continue to push through. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and can help you stay on track. Your future self will thank you.

Encouraged Me Think Bigger

Once you accomplish a goal you never thought was possible, it makes you want to think bigger. If you have come this far, what else is possible?

When I began my goal-setting journey, I had no idea what I was capable of. I thought my goals were possible, but they didn’t seem like they could be my new reality. Once I made the decision to achieve my goal no matter what, it made me think bigger and want to do more.

Don’t limit yourself. Set big goals and work hard to achieve them. Anything is possible with hard work, consistency, and perseverance.

Started Believing in My Ability to Work Harder

Goal-setting gives you direction. It provides something to aim for when the going gets tough. If you didn’t have a goal in mind, it may be easy to give up or not apply 150% effort.

Setting my goal pushed me to work harder and be more focused. It forced me outside my comfort zone. I never thought I had the ability to work as hard as I did. Achieving your goals shows you that you can work harder than you ever thought was possible. You are more capable than you think.

Resilience Shaped My Perception

When someone tells you “no,” how do you respond? Do you clam up and retreat? Or do you look for another solution for the answers you seek? Your perception is the key to resilience. There are many hurdles you will encounter in order to achieve your goal. What helps you overcome your hurdles is how you view them.

If you simply shut down every time a door closes, achieving your goals could be a big challenge. But if you look at every “no” as an opportunity to find a new solution, you will continue to succeed.

Habits Helped Me Stay Consistent

Your goals are made up of many different personal habits. If you want to lose 20 pounds, you need to eat right and workout consistently. If you want to get out of debt, you have to track your spending and try to increase your income. Goals don’t happen overnight.

This is simply because goals require perseverance and hard work every day. By creating daily habits, you can stay focused until you cross the finish line.

I Found a New Love for Goal-Setting

After you achieve your first goal, you may feel invincible. You will feel inspired to do more and be more.

By accomplishing one goal, I felt as if I could do anything. I was a goal-setting machine. Everything I wanted in life I knew I could accomplish. Once you start setting your own goals, you will feel unstoppable.

The Bottom Line

Goal setting can help you achieve your wildest dreams. By writing down what you want and making a plan to achieve it, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Accomplishing your goals will build your confidence, accountability, and resilience. What goals will you achieve today?


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