Relationships are a two-way street, but sometimes it can feel more like a busy highway. Love comes with its barriers, and getting your affection across to your partner can be a challenge. Whether it’s a new fling or a long-standing relationship, there’s no perfect way to show you care. Luckily, there are various free ways to express your love, so your loved ones know how special they are.

While it’s tempting to imagine handing over big, expensive gifts, a relationship is more than its over-the-top moments. It’s the daily devotion that keeps it strong. So, if you’re looking for a few priceless ideas, here are eight free ways to show your love.

Spend Quality Time Together

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Most people have packed schedules. There is work to worry about, social obligations, or any number of responsibilities to keep us running around. But when was the last chance you had to spend quality time with your partner? More than just saying hello in the morning or sitting in the same room, it’s vital to dedicate time to each other.

Use the opportunity to catch up. Ask them specific questions about the things they’ve been doing or their interests. It tells them that you’re invested, and it’s nice to be reminded of that, especially in a long-term relationship. 

Give Sincere Compliments to Express Your Love

Everybody enjoys a compliment, and when it comes from your partner, it can feel all the more special. People often view their significant other as the person who knows them best, so your words matter. While your partner would likely be happy to hear a compliment about their appearance, try something more significant.

Think about the things your partner does that they take pride in doing. Or, consider the little things they do for you. It can mean a lot to have those sorts of actions recognized. For example, “I can tell you’re working very hard,” or, “you always know what I like. You’re so considerate,” are great places to start.

Complete Some Chores

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Regardless of whether your partner works a 9 to 5 or is a stay-at-home spouse, chores are tiring. Pick up their end of the cleaning for a day. It can go a long way in helping them destress, and there’s nothing like a clean house to put you in the right mindset.

If you’re the one in the relationship who tends to do most of the chores, you don’t necessarily have to pick up more. Suppose it’s your partner’s turn to do the dishes one night, but they’ve had a difficult day. Switch places with them or give them the chance to do a chore they prefer. While a house has to function, sometimes a little extra consideration is all it takes to say, “I love you.”

Tell Them You Love Them

Actions and sweet gestures are special, but hearing the words “I love you” is irreplaceable. Often, we get into a routine where we forget to say it or throw it around casually. A quick “I love you” before you head out the door is fine, but it shouldn’t be an afterthought.

English as a language only has one word for love – love. So, it’s important to treasure it. Make a point to use it and use it well in your relationships to express your love.

Put Your Devices Down

Sure, there are ways to use your devices in a relationship. Snapping pictures of each other or texting back-and-forth can have its charms, but it doesn’t take the place of one-on-one time. If you’re continually looking at your phone, you’re not in the moment. Your partner can also tell when you’re not paying attention, which can lead to hurt feelings.
Mark out specific times when you’re together, such as dinner, and make them a no-tech hour. Without the distractions, you can prioritize the conversation and the time you’re spending together. Plus, it shows that all your focus is on them, which is a thoughtful way of showing your love.

Leave Notes Around the House

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Another great free way to express your love is to leave notes around the house that remind your partner how much you care about them. Sometimes, the best “I love you” is a written one. But that doesn’t mean you have to write a sonnet anytime soon. Depending on what will make your partner happiest, you can write out cute reminders or silly drawings. It’s up to you to decide what will help you get your feelings across to them the best.

Become an Active Listener

Telling them, you love them and doing things around the house for them are great ways to express your love. However, nothing replaces effective communication and the feeling that your partner hears you. Engage in the dialogue they start. It’s alright to admit when you’re out of your depth, like when they’re looking for advice, but it’s better to admit that than stay silent.
This suggestion works well together with spending quality time as a couple and putting your devices away. Granted, listening can be a challenge, especially if you’ve had a hard day, too. So, think of this as something to work on instead if that’s what you need.

Make Them Their Favorite Cup of Coffee

As much as your partner loves you, sometimes the hero of the day is a piping hot cup of coffee. You can brew them a simple, black mug if that’s what they like or an iced cold latte. On the other hand, you can play barista for a day and make them something special. If they have a sweet tooth, try adding some caramel or whipped cream to liven it up. To go the extra mile, make them a plate of snacks, homemade if you can.

Even if the coffee isn’t as good as the café’s down the street, they’ll know that you took the initiative to make them happy. Of course, if they’re not a coffee fan, you can always bring them a nice mug of tea or hot chocolate instead. 

Bottom Line

Every person expresses their love differently, which means that every couple is different as well. If you’re in a new relationship, it may take some time to figure out what works for both of you—communicating what makes you two happy and comfortable will go a lot further than just guessing.
When you prioritize the free ways to express your love and see how they go first, you’ll find what everyday things your partner needs to feel adored. Little by little, you’ll learn how to pick each other up even on the worst days. You don’t need expensive gifts to show your love. Saving money is just as romantic.

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