Have you ever thought about selling items online for extra money? Once you run out of things to sell in your own home, you can actually start flipping items.

Flipping items to resell online is an easy way to get your dollars to work for you. It involves finding an item you can buy cheap or used and then fixing it up to sell for profit. What’s even better is you can resell items online to save time and money vs. selling them in person.

If you think this could be a good side hustle for you, you’re probably wondering what items sell best. Here are seven of the best items you can flip to resell online.

1. Clothing and Shoes

Clothing is one of the easiest items to resell online. When I was paying off my student loans, I was looking for inspiration and found a blogger who flipped clothes.

This particular blogger also had student loan debt, and she was using the profit from her flips to pay down debt. The key is to search for high-value clothing that will retail for a lot more than you purchase it for.

Consider going to thrift stores and other resale shops. Sometimes you’ll find name brand clothes that are still perfectly intact. With shoes, you’ll definitely want to look for gently-used pairs from popular brands like Nike or Adidas.

Most people who donate items to thrift stores just want to get rid of their clutter. They may not realize their clothes and shoes could be resold for higher values.

2. Furniture

Furniture is another great item to resell online. I’ve actually picked up furniture from people’s curbs and fixed it up to use it in my home. Last year, I saw a nice wooden desk sitting outside of someone’s home ready to be thrown away.

I decided to take it home, sand it down, and repaint it. I grabbed a sample size of paint from Lowe’s, which was only $4, and painted it. It looks amazing. I’m pretty sure I could have sold the desk online for at least $70 had I decided not to keep it.

To get started, watch a few videos on YouTube about flipping furniture. Then, start small with items you can get at garage sales for really cheap.

3. Sports Memorabilia

Sports fans will spend a lot of money on cards, autographed items, championship rings, and more. However, you don’t need to have these things to make a decent profit.

Keep an eye out for any sports jerseys you may see or hats with a specific team’s name on it. You may even find small figurines or bobbleheads that you can resell online.

4. Baby Gear

If you’ve sold all your old baby gear and clothes, play around with the idea of buying baby gear gently used then reselling it. Parents who want to save money won’t have a problem with buying used gear, toys, and clothes.

Plus, it will often be a quick sale since kids grow fast and people usually want the items as soon as possible.

5. Electronics

Are you great at fixing computers, cell phones, and game systems? You may be able to make a lot of money reselling electronics. These items are expensive new.

Personally, I only buy phones and computers when they’re on sale. I’ve purchased video games and tablets used for my son before. Keep your eyes peeled for anyone who may be giving away their old electronics or check to see if you have anything around the house like an old cell phone that you can fix up and resell.

6. Books

There’s still a market to flip books if you know where to look and where to sell them. Some libraries have book sales where you can buy books for great prices. Our area even has a free neighborhood library where people can drop off books they’re finished reading.

You can also narrow down your target customer base and sell a specific genre of books. Consider reselling textbooks if you know which books students might need for the following semester. You can resell textbooks on sites like Book Scouter and Chegg Rentals.

7. Cars

This is one of my favorite items on this list. If you want to flip larger items for a bigger profit, consider reselling cars. I know someone who did this for extra cash before they got into real estate investing.

The goal is to buy cars you can fix up whether they’re already running or not. Then, once you repair them, resell them for a higher price than what you paid for it.

Where to Resell Items

By now, you’re probably wondering how you can resell online for a quick profit. One of the best options is to create a listing on a resell site like OfferUp or Bonanza. Include a detailed description of your items including the condition and take some nice pictures.

You can even sell cars on sites like Offer Up and Craigslist. Also, consider using the Facebook Marketplace to list furniture to flip or baby items.

Poshmark is an app that makes it easy to resell clothes online or you can list vintage clothes on Etsy. Consider reselling electronics on sites like Gazelle and Revamp.

Cross-posting or posting your items on multiple different platforms is one of the best ways to reach more people and get a quick sale.

Summary – Flip Items to Resell Online and Make Extra Cash

You don’t have to be an expert or even good at sales to flip items that you can resell online. Simply get familiar with what people like to buy used. Use this list to help you start brainstorming. Start with something small for your first flip. Then gradually invest more time and money as you get more comfortable.

Would you consider flipping items to resell online? What would you want to sell?


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