I used to love shopping for clothes for myself until I had children. Now, I hardly ever buy something new for me and instead have so much fun shopping for the best deals for my kids. Now, I know many parents don’t want to buy designer back to school clothes for their kids mostly because they are expensive and kids are very hard on their clothes.

However, if you can get designer clothes for a great price and they are made well and last longer, why not? Over the years, I’ve been able to buy incredible clothes for my kids for a fraction of their actual retail cost.

Below, I’ve listed all the places I find clothes for my kids for great prices.


Poshmark is an app where you can buy used clothes from other people. I personally have bought things like Kate Spade shoes and a Tory Burch dress for $25 or less using the app. However, I’ve also purchased clothes and accessories for my kids through the app too.

We get extremely cold weather here in Michigan, and my children typically need new coats and jackets every year. My kids are extremely tall and like most children, grow quickly. It’s also beneficial for them to be in the warmest jackets possible. However, down coats can cost $80 or more. By buying them second hand on Poshmark, I can buy my children amazing coats that are high quality and down filled without paying the full retail cost.


ThredUp is another great place to find quality clothes for less. One of my favorite brands to buy on ThreadUp is Polo. My son has tons of nice short sleeve polo shirts and long sleeve button down polo shirts for nicer occasions, all from ThredUp.

My advice when it comes to ThreadUp is to wait for a good sale. Sometimes, they’ll offer free shipping or 20%-40% off of your whole older. You can also earn credit for referring others to ThredUp.

Another piece of advice is to buy what you want when you see it. ThredUp is the largest online consignment and thrift store, and inventory moves fast. I’ve noticed in the past that if I click off of a screen with an item on it, I might not be able to find that item again. So, if you see something you like, get it. They also have an amazing clearance section and a section where you can only shop clothes that are new with tags.

Once Upon a Child

Once Upon a Child is a children’s consignment store with many franchises across the country. I’ve been into several of these stores, and I can usually find at least one or two items for my kids. I found a great Nike track suit for my son that he wore to his tennis lessons every single Saturday for the whole school year, and it was very inexpensive at $10.

I’ve also purchased Northface jackets, Mini Boden dresses, and many other designer brands at Once Upon a Child. Sometimes, I will even buy a piece of clothing that isn’t even in my kids’ size and sell it for a profit on Facebook marketplace. You really can find some great gems at Once Upon a Child. You just have to go frequently and look.

Facebook Groups & Facebook Marketplace

Do you have a particular designer brand that you absolutely love? There is probably a Facebook group for that. I am a member of a Hanna Andersson resale Facebook group because I love their kids’ pajamas, and they are much more affordable when you buy them secondhand.

However, I’ve heard of many other private Facebook groups that buy, sell, and trade designer children’s clothes. I am even in one for people who want to buy and sell children’s brands you can find in Nordstrom for $15 or less.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of joining and monitoring many different Facebook groups, try looking at the Facebook marketplace. There are so many different items to peruse on there. Last winter, I bought my daughter a pair of $120 Ugg boots for $20. The mom I bought them from was so upset because she paid full price for them and her daughter only wore them a few times. So, there is room for great deals on the Facebook marketplace.

Garage Sales/Mom2Mom Sales

Lastly, you can’t forget about garage sales and mom2mom sales. Before I had kids, I used to go to garage sales all the time. For some reason, though, I enjoy shopping online and using apps more these days.

Still, if you want to go out and shop for fun on a Saturday, I know you can probably find the best prices on children’s clothes at garages sales. Sometimes you can negotiate buying an entire bag of children’s clothes for just a few dollars.

Remember, people at garage sales and mom2mom sales have already decided to declutter. They are just looking to make a few dollars before donating what doesn’t sell.

Ultimately, there are many places to buy designer back to school clothes for your kids. Your kids can wear amazing, high quality brands any day of the week without you spending a fortune. Check out some of the sites mentioned above, and if there is one I didn’t mention, please feel free to share it in the comments.

Do you buy designer clothing second hand?

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