Everyone has a favorite activity that gets them into the holiday spirit. Some prefer baking or movie watching. But, for others, nothing is as creative or exciting as decorating.

But what do you do if the last year has left you on a shoestring? Here are six ways to decorate for the holidays on a budget.

Candy Cane Everything

There are always leftover candy canes at the end of December. So, set aside some early on to use around the house. Of course, you can use them to liven up your Christmas tree, but there are a few outside-the-box ways as well.

A great place for them is at the holiday dinner. Spice up your table settings by creating cute place cards with just a bit of glue and ribbon. You can also try using them to decorate your napkins with a bit of green and a bow.

Trees are More than Wood

The Christmas tree is one of the most recognizable and iconic symbols of the winter holiday season. Sure, there is the tree itself, but there’s no reason it has to stop there. If you have some books lying around, you can use them to recreate the image.

If you want to go for the color scheme, try to collect all the green books you have in the house. You can place them strategically on a few bookcase shelves to get the general outline of the tree. Alternatively, you can stack them, however tall, in a round or open on top of each other. You’d be surprised how much it ends up looking like the real thing. After it’s all arranged, try placing some smaller decorations around it, such as stars, lights, or greenery. Make it as cute or true to form as you like.

You can also use books to make your very own menorah. By stacking books of similar size next to each other and then placing candles on top, your book menorah will light up the night.

Add a Natural Touch

A rustic aesthetic can bring a sense of home back into the house. It reminds us of log cabins and cozy nights, which can help us settle into the winter season. As a result, this is a great decorating style for both the holidays and the months following.

One way you can experiment is with your candles. Try contrasting some white candles with a few bits of greenery, such as pinecones or small pine sprigs. You can also gather those pinecones with some cinnamon, orange, and similar items into a jar with led lights.

Using natural elements in your decorating is a subtle choice, but one you can carry through the whole season. These accents can stay up as long as you like, so they also allow for a lot of freedom. Try a few ideas and arrangements to find what works for you.

Bows on Bows

The fix-all of the holiday season is the bow. Adding it to your staircase, your garlands, your candleholder, and anything else you can think of brings festive cheer into every corner of your home.

You can use ribbon if you prefer; some have wire built-in, making it easier to pose them. An old cloth can also be a simple design choice, though. By taking some flannel or strips of clothing you no longer use and tying it around a few items in the house, you can add an understated flair to everyday objects.

Don’t underestimate how a well-executed bow can take a present over the top, either. Put your new skills to the test and wrap empty boxes in brown paper like you would a present. Place a bow on the front to finish it off. These can act as a great way to fill out space beneath the tree or by the fireplace.

Cozy Upcycling

You can use your old clothes for more than just ribbons. While chunky sweaters are perfect for the winter, there are usually a few in the back of your closet you either don’t wear or never wore. They don’t have to go to waste, though. You can repurpose them in your decorating this year.

One method is to make stockings out of them. Each stocking ends up looking unique then, which can make them a great gift for the family. Everyone can donate one of their own sweaters to the project, or maybe you can try to make a matching set.

Mittens are another signature winter item that can make a space feel cozy. String them along the fireplace to make a garland or use them as a template for ornaments. You don’t even necessarily need old mittens for this. You can also make the shapes out of felt, cotton, or any other materials you may have.

Ornaments of all Shapes and Sizes

While it’s always a treat to break out the old ornaments and reminisce, a few new ones could never hurt. If you have kids that you want to participate in the holiday fun, you can decorate for the holidays using DIY ornaments the whole family will enjoy.

There’s the classic clothespin reindeer, or you can have them help you in the kitchen and bake some cookies to hang on the tree. Sugar cookies and gingerbread tend to be the most popular.

If you are looking for something a little classier, you can fill up a clear glass ornament with glitter, holly, or whatever you prefer. The choice is up to you. There are numerous crafting ideas you can try to liven up your Christmas tree this year, so let your imagination take flight on this one.

The Spirit of Creativity

There are plenty of ways to decorate for the holidays without breaking the bank. It may be a one-person job or something you bring the whole house together to do. But regardless, it marks this season apart from the rest. It creates the atmosphere we all know and look forward to at the start of December. Hopefully, these suggestions have given you a place to start as you plan out how to decorate for the holidays this year. Have fun creatively showing the spirit of the season in your own signature way.


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