Need to spice up your life love? We’ve rounded up over 90 of the best cheap date ideas to use as inspiration for you and your partner. Whether you’re going on a date with a Tinder match, your spouse, or your kiddos, these ideas are sure to impress and entertain! 

Choose from the categories below or keep reading for all our great date ideas. Be sure to check out the printable activities paired with some of these categories for a DIY twist on date night! 

Virtual Date Ideas

Dating isn’t always easy, but dating in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic may feel downright impossible! Luckily, there are plenty of fun ways you can keep your dating game strong without sacrificing your health and safety. Try one of these virtual date ideas! 

  1. Read a book together. 
  2. Watch a live cam from the local zoo. 
  3. Go virtual wine tasting
  4. Learn a TikTok dance. 
  5. Attend a live virtual concert.
  6. Play pictionary with Zoom’s whiteboard feature. 
  7. Try a YouTube yoga session together. 
  8. Watch a movie together with popcorn and wine!
  9. Dress up and have a fancy meal delivered
  10. Have a virtual brunch date. 

Love the idea of a virtual brunch date? To help you pull it off, we created some fun printables you and your date can use to plan your meal, go shopping, and cook together –– all virtually! Click the button below to download the printables.

Fun Date Ideas

Fun is a must-have on any date! Check out the ideas below to make your special outing more exciting for you and your partner.  

  1. Go to the beach together. 
  2. Try a DIY project or craft
  3. Follow along with a painting tutorial. 
  4. Host your own cooking class.
  5. Visit a drive-in movie theater. 
  6. Have a camp out in the backyard
  7. Have a one-on-one bowling competition. 
  8. Take a bike ride across town. 
  9. Go on a weekend getaway
  10. Bake cookies together. 

Romantic Date Ideas

couple spoon feeding each other while cooking in the kitchen.

Send sparks flying with these romantic date ideas. Whether you’re on your first date or your thousandth, these ideas will help you create an intimate setting for you and your loved one. 

  1. Watch the sunset together. 
  2. Have a candlelit dinner. 
  3. Have a rom-com movie marathon. 
  4. Make your own charcuterie board. 
  5. Share a bottle of wine. 
  6. Give each other massages. 
  7. Watch YouTube dance tutorials and learn to dance. 
  8. Have a fashion show with your favorite intimates
  9. Play hide and seek. 
  10. Go stargazing late at night. 

Unique Date Ideas

couple sitting on the floor looking at a laptop laughing.

If dinner and a movie sounds boring, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to get creative when it comes to date night. Check out these ideas for inspiration. 

  1. Take advantage of free admission days at a museum. 
  2. Volunteer together at the local animal shelter, soup kitchen, or food bank. 
  3. Drive through a fancy neighborhood and admire the houses. 
  4. Grab a disposable camera and take silly selfies.
  5. Find a bench in the park or on the street and people-watch. 
  6. Pick flowers and decorate your home. 
  7. Draw silly mustaches on photos in a magazine or newspaper. 
  8. Plan out your next major vacation
  9. Plant a fall garden together. 
  10. Draw each other’s portraits. 

Date Night Ideas at Home

couple sitting on the floor playing video games and laughing.

With many places still closed or limiting access due to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to get creative with date night! If you’re quarantining or just want to spend the night at home, try one of these ideas. 

  1. Teach your partner a new skill. 
  2. Play “Never Have I Ever.”
  3. Compete in a board game tournament. No cheating! 
  4. Have a picnic on your living room floor. 
  5. Recreate a cooking competition in your kitchen. 
  6. Pamper yourselves with DIY face masks and bubble baths. 
  7. Play dress-up with whatever is in your closet. 
  8. Turn up the music and have an at-home night at the club.  
  9. Play a college drinking game. 
  10. Complete a jigsaw puzzle together. 

Cheap Date Ideas for Married Couples

relationship journal prompts

Being married is like a never-ending date with your favorite person! Use these ideas to inspire the perfect date for you and your spouse. 

  1. Take turns reading questions from r/AskReddit
  2. Make fancy desserts for each other. 
  3. Take an early morning walk together. 
  4. Cook your way through an entire cookbook.
  5. Redecorate a room in your home. 
  6. Spend the afternoon visiting local coffee shops. 
  7. Have a weekend staycation. 
  8. Play grocery store bingo. 
  9. Test drive an expensive car. 
  10. Visit a local garden nursery. 
  11. Use journal prompts to explore your relationship. 

Part of a strong marriage is open communication with each other. To help you have deeper, more meaningful conversations with your spouse, we’ve created printable prompts you can use as a starting point. Click the button below to download them and watch your bond get even stronger!

Double Date Ideas

two couples on a double date giving each other piggy back rides on the beach.

The more the merrier! Double dates are a great way to enjoy time together and can give you a new way to bond. Try one of these activities for the perfect double date. 

  1. Go hiking or camping. 
  2. Tour an art museum Ferris Bueller-style. 
  3. Binge a Netflix series. 
  4. Enjoy ice cream cones in the park. 
  5. Visit a dog park and play with furry friends. 
  6. Head to the nearest beach. 
  7. Film a DIY movie on your smartphones. 
  8. Have everyone cook their best recipe and share a meal. 
  9. Try a game of charades or pictionary. 
  10. Go swimming at the nearest lake or river. 

Cheap First Date Ideas

couple feeding each other corn on the cob.

Planning to meet for the first time? Keep things casual with one of these great first date ideas. Remember to be mindful of social distancing guidelines and stick to outdoor activities if possible! 

  1. Take a virtual tour of a haunted house.
  2. Visit an outdoor coffee shop. 
  3. Go for a walk in the park. 
  4. Order delivery and have a pizza party. 
  5. Attend a show at the local comedy club. 
  6. Visit a botanical garden or aquarium. 
  7. Be a tourist in your own city. 
  8. Check out a flea or farmers’ market.  
  9. Take an in-person (or virtual) cooking class. 
  10. Go to karaoke night at your favorite outdoor bar. 

Family Date Ideas

A date doesn’t have to be limited to you and your significant other. If you have children, bring them along for a fun family date! 

  1. Roast marshmallows by the fireplace or over the kitchen stove.
  2. Visit an orchard and go apple picking. 
  3. Make DIY face paint. 
  4. Take a nature walk in a local park. 
  5. Have a backyard scavenger hunt. 
  6. Play dress up with your fanciest clothes or Halloween costumes. 
  7. Teach the family dog some new tricks. 
  8. Collect school supplies to donate to your local school district. 
  9. Spend the afternoon reading books to each other. 
  10. Create a time capsule together.

A time capsule is the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon or family date! We created a printable worksheet and checklist you can use with your kiddos to curate a time capsule for your family. Collect meaningful trinkets and bury them along with the printable. Then, mark your calendar for a future date to open it back up and enjoy! Click the button below to grab the time capsule printable.

Whether you’re sticking to a virtual date, meeting someone for the first time, or taking your whole family out on an adventure, we hope these cheap date ideas inspire you to have fun and let loose with loved ones. If you find yourself trying to plan a date at the last minute, ordering delivery and having movie night is a fool-proof way to please your partner!  


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