Finding a great deal is one of the most rewarding parts of shopping. Whether you stack coupons or shop clearance, you’re always watching for the best time to buy and save. If you’ve been eyeing a new living room set or you’re ready to upgrade your wardrobe, we’ve laid out the best time to buy everything you’re looking for. 

The Best Time to Buy
JanuaryFurniture, Ovens and Ranges, Winter Clothing
FebruaryMattresses (President’s Day), TV, Motorcycles
AprilMakeup and Beauty
JuneVideo Game Sales
JulyBackyard and Patio (4th of July)
AugustComputers, Summer Clothing
SeptemberWashers and Dryers, Dishwashers
NovemberElectronics & Mattresses (Black Friday), Jewelry

The Best Times to Buy for Your Home

Home spending can get expensive fast, especially if you’re surprised with a broken appliance or moving into a new home. Try to plan ahead and stay mindful of what’s next to upgrade in your home so you can get the best deals of the year. 

Best Time to Buy Furniture

Furniture seasons wrap up at the end of summer and winter, making February and August some of the best times to get great deals for your home. Home goods shopping also tends to slow post-Christmas, so look for great deals in the winter months. 

  • Find discounts on living room and dining sets when sales drop between January and April
  • Save on last season’s designs in late summer

Best Time to Buy a Mattress

Black Friday sales are one of the best times to shop mattresses, but if your holiday spending is tight, you can also find markdowns for Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day weekends. 

Best Time to Buy Appliances

The best time to buy appliances varies a bit by what you’re looking to upgrade. Different appliances roll out new models during different seasons, so keep an eye out for wear and tear and plan to buy when the next sale hits. 

  • Buy washers, dryers, and dishwashers in September and October
  • Upgrade your refrigerator in May
  • Order a new stove and oven in January
  • Get your seasonal appliances (grills, AC, etc.) off-season for the best deals

The Best Times to Buy Electronics

Generally, you’ll find the best time to buy electronics is during the holidays. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holiday sales use these big-ticket items to attract customers. You may not have to wait until Black Friday and fight the crowds, though, as more retailers release sales early online.

Best Time to Buy a TV

Unsurprisingly, Black Friday is the best time to get a great deal on TVs. You don’t have to save up your holiday cash, though. February also offers some amazing deals in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday and March Madness.

Best Time to Buy a Computer

In addition to Black Friday, be sure to check out back-to-school deals. August is an especially great month for discounts on laptops and software you may be interested in. 

Of course, other three-day holiday sales like Memorial and Labor Day are good times to shop, too. If you’re in the market for Apple products, check out deals in September

Best Time to Buy Video Games

Video games and consoles are hot holiday items, but your best bet for deals may depend on your preferred console. If you play on PC, keep an eye out for seasonal Steam sales to get games at a massive discount. The winter sale typically drops in December, but spring, fall, and summer sales may change each year. 

If you prefer console games, you’ll want to watch for sales in the summer. Microsoft’s Ultimate Game Sale usually takes place late July through August, and Playstation has its Days of Play sale in June.

The Best Time to Buy a Car

There are no hard rules for the best time to buy a new car, but there are some key signs to watch out for. Generally, any time a new model comes out, the old model will go on sale. The end of the year is a great time to buy a car, but you may be able to shop sooner if the new model has been announced. 

If you can’t wait until the winter holidays, try to get into the dealership during a weekend holiday sale like Memorial Day. Car dealers will also be more willing to negotiate discounts at the end of the month to meet sales quotas.

Best Time to Buy a Motorcycle

Motorcycles have similar holiday and new model sales as cars, but you may also be able to secure a great deal in the winter. Since fewer people are riding in the fall and winter, dealers are eager to make sales and may offer discounts or negotiate lower than they would in the spring. February is a particularly great month to buy since there are fewer days and sales quotas are harder to meet. 

The Best Times to Buy Fashion

Fashion comes out in seasons, so after-season sales are your chance to save. Of course, there are still annual and holiday sales to watch. 

Best Time to Buy Clothes

Looking to revamp your wardrobe? Your best bet is to plan ahead and buy each season’s clothes as markdowns after their season ends. This means swimwear and shorts are best bought in August, while coats and sweaters will go on sale in March. Here are some other key times to shop:

  • Thrift in the spring to make the most of other’s spring cleaning
  • Buy denim in October while retailers are clearing their back-to-school inventory
  • Shop designer items in November to make the most of holiday sales
  • Browse coats in December after most shoppers have bought their winter gear
  • Get a new suit in January when sales slump

Best Time to Buy Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry is a popular gift for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas, so these seasons are the best times to grab a great price on something nice. Though if you’re looking for an engagement ring, you may be out of luck since Valentine’s and Christmas are also the most popular times to propose. 

Seasonal accessories like sunglasses are best purchased out of season. Popular items like designer handbags are best to buy during summer and holiday sales, though be aware there may be a lot of competition.

Best Time to Buy Shoes

Shoes also operate on a seasonal cycle, and you’ll save the most buying out of season. Sneakers tend to go on sale around November as winter boots come into stock. Expect to find sandals on sale August through September, and winter boots on sale around January.

The Best Times to Buy for Travel

Planning your spring break getaway? The sooner you book, the more you can save, but there may still be seasonal sales you can catch to get an even better deal on your next vacation.

Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets

Regardless of the season, the cheapest time to buy your airline tickets is 115 to 21 days before your flight. Otherwise, the time you buy isn’t as impactful as the season you’re flying. 

Other than Thanksgiving week, fall flights are the most affordable vacation dates and spring is a close second. You’ll want to avoid popular winter and summer weeks if you’re looking to travel on a budget

Best Time to Book a Cruise

Similar to airlines, cruise prices are based on when you’re traveling and how soon you buy. Early purchasers can fetch great discounts and your choice of room. Alternatively, you may be able to fill a last-minute vacancy for cheap, but you’re limited to the few cabins available. 

Check out the specific region you’re looking to travel to and determine the off-season and whether that’s the right move for you. For example, you can get a great price on a fall cruise through the Caribbean, but it comes with a higher risk of bad weather. 

Best Time to Buy Luggage

Once you’ve booked your trip, you can start purchasing your vacation outfits, tours, and more. If you need to update your luggage, you may find the best prices in March. Many retailers offer deep discounts in preparation for spring and summer travel dates. 

No matter what you’re shopping for or how large your budget is, there’s always a good season to find a great deal. Keep a list of your need-to-buys and mark your calendar so you always know the best time to buy what you need. 

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