It’s almost Mother’s Day and you’re probably already thinking of fun ways to show your mom that you love her. Getting a thoughtful gift is always a nice gesture. However, you also don’t want to forget about experiences. There are so many experiences for mom that she could enjoy on her own or with the family.

After all, now that I’m a mom myself I definitely feel like most of what I want to do on Mother’s Day is relax and spend quality time bonding with my family. That said, if you’re looking for more experiences for mom this year that she’ll love, below are some of the best Mother’s Day gifts you can get her without spending a ton of money.

1. Brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch? If your mom usually does all the cooking each day, surprise her with a rewarding brunch. You can always cater it, but it will save you more money to make it yourself. Plus, it might mean a lot more to your mom knowing that you took the time out to put together a menu and prepare everything.

If it’s a nice day, you can set up brunch in the backyard or you may even want to offer her breakfast in bed. Consider yummy foods like pancakes or waffles, fresh fruit, sausage and eggs. Make mimosas as a special treat and let mom sleep in that morning while you prepare and organize a tasty brunch.

2. Audible Subscription

Does your mom like to read? I often wish I had more time to read but life can get pretty busy. One of my favorite things is my Audible subscription because it lets me listen to great audiobooks on the go. I often play books on Audible when I’m working out or doing laundry as well as when I’m driving and running errands.

Consider getting your mom an Audible subscription for 6 to 12 months this Mother’s Day. Audible offers a 30-day free trial then you can choose between a $7.95/month or a $14.95/month subscription. Once you sign up, Audible provides you with one free credit per month which is good to buy one audiobook.

There are tons of audiobooks to choose from especially since most authors are offering both print and audio versions of their books for readers to enjoy.

3. Massage or Nail Gift Certificate

One of the best experiences for mom this year could be a mini getaway to the nail salon or a local spa. Surprise her with a gift card to get a massage, manicure or pedicure – or even all three. Local salons may be offering Mother’s Day coupons and deals you could take advantage of.

Massage Envy offers coupons all the time and sometimes they even do free giveaways. Realize that you don’t have to book an appointment on Mother’s Day but you can give the gift certificate to mom as a gift and make sure she books an appointment for herself in the future.

4. Ceramics or Painting Class

Creating things with your hands can be a great way to relax and even experience something new. Consider sending mom to a ceramics or painting class in the area or even inviting a few friends or family members to join in.

Maybe there is something your mom always wanted to learn but never got the chance. Or, perhaps she’s a fan of certain types of art or ceramic pieces. It could be fun to set her up with a class where she can enjoy learning a new skill and making something fun. Some craft stores may even offer special classes. Several years ago, I took a cake decorating class at Michael’s and loved it.

5. Coupons For Favors

If her love language is acts of service, prepare some homemade ‘coupons’ that list out helpful things you can do from time-to-time. This could include anything from taking over washing the dishes one night to doing laundry or organizing something.

With kids, you can even make fun coupons for a ‘free hug’ or a ‘help in the garden’. The choice is up to you. Have kids color or design their coupon cards and place them in your Mother’s Day card so mom can cash the favors in whenever she wants to.

6. Clean Her Car

A clean car is one of the best experiences for mom whether it’s Mother’s Day or not. Take it upon yourself to clean out mom’s car by throwing away papers, wiping down surfaces, and giving it a good vacuum. Or, you can pay to get her car detailed by a professional. Add extra touches like a new steering wheel grip, air freshener or new floor mats.

It’s best if you can find a time to surprise her with a sparkling clean vehicle. So don’t say a word until the car is finished. Then invite her to go on a drive and catch her initial reaction first hand.

7. Go on a New Outdoor Adventure

If your mom is always up to go hiking or exploring, find a new place around your city that you haven’t visited before and make a day trip out of it. You can check out a new national park with great hiking spots, go kayaking, or ride bikes down a new trail.

If the weather is super nice on Mother’s Day, don’t waste too much time indoors.

Summary: The Best Experiences For Mom Don’t Have to Be Complex

If your mom is a person who values experiences just as much (if not more than), make sure you prioritize doing something memorable together to celebrate Mother’s Day or treating her to a fun opportunity. There are so many experiences for mom that will lead to great memories and make her feel extremely loved. Start planning the fun day now and keep these tips in mind to keep things simple, thoughtful, and affordable.


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