Have a wedding coming up? A new marriage is an exciting milestone that typically calls for a really nice gift. If you’re on a tight budget though, don’t feel bad as there are plenty of affordable wedding gifts out there you can consider.

You’ll just need to think outside of the box and come up with some unique ideas. If you want your wedding gift to be valuable and meaningful, check out these frugal ideas below.

1. Kitchen and Home Items

Kitchen and home items are practical gifts that a newly married couple would enjoy. As they start to build a life and home together, they’ll realize sooner or later that they need practical items like cooking utensils, a good knives set, dishes and more.

See if they have a registry to get ideas of which items or brands they like. You can also consider small kitchen appliances or other practical items for the home depending on what the couple needs.

2. Travel Gift Card

Sooner or later, the married couple may want to take a honeymoon. Trips are expensive, but a travel gift card makes a thoughtful gift. Consider getting the couple an airline gift card for Southwest or another company. Or, you can buy a gift card to a popular hotel chain like Hilton.

You don’t have to pay for flights in full. But anything you can offer would be helpful in lowering their travel costs. Providing a travel gift card can even help motivate the couple to take a trip together.

When my husband and I got married, we received a bit of gift money and used this to help cover some expenses for our honeymoon in Jamaica.

3. DIY Soap or Candle

Personalized or DIY items always make the best affordable wedding gifts. Homemade soap or candles are actually easy and fun to make. Plus, it’s a memorable gift that the couple can either use in their home or save for memories.

Last year, I purchased a homemade soap-making kit from Brambleberry and made bars of soap for family and friends to give as holiday gifts. The ready-made kits make it very easy to do and you can get your own essential oils to customize the scents.

4. Framed Memory

Do you have a favorite memory with the newlyweds that you can frame? Maybe it’s a childhood picture with one of them or a recent memory from their engagement or a trip.

If the couple loves pictures, they may appreciate a printed picture of precious memory in a fancy frame. Nowadays, people mainly share pictures online and via social media. This isn’t the same as decorating your home with fun and important memories that will last a lifetime.

You can get good-quality photos printed at your local FedEx or even through Shutterfly.

Another wedding gift option for picture-lovers is ordering from MixTiles which can turn your everyday pictures into stunning wall art.

5. Date Night Box

One of the best pieces of advice I received when I got married was to ‘keep dating’. When life settles in and other responsibilities arise, scheduling time for dates and coming up with date ideas can get challenging.

If you’re looking for unique and affordable wedding gifts, think about making your own date night box. You can find nice gift boxes at the dollar store. Then, fill the box with everything the couple might need for a romantic date night – even if it’s at home.

Choose a theme for your date night whether it contains items for the perfect picnic, or card games or get-to-know-you games. You can even find printable activities on Etsy to add to the date night box along with the couple’s favorite snacks and candy.

6. Personalized Welcome Mat

Some people wait until they get married to buy a home together. If this is the case, a personalized welcome mat could make a great wedding gift.

You can order a personalized welcome mat online and spend anywhere from $20 to $30. Consider making it wedding-themed by adding the year or month that the couple got married.

7. Bottle of Wine

This list of affordable wedding gifts would not be complete without this gift idea. The newlywed couples might really enjoy a bottle of wine to enjoy in the near future or to hold onto as a keepsake. Find out what their favorite type of wine is ahead of time.

Then, get a custom wine bottle label made or printed from Etsy or a similar site. Or, you could choose to do with a bottle of champagne and throw in two bride and groom drinking glasses as well.

Summary: Affordable Wedding Gifts Are Not Hard to Come By

Yes, weddings themselves can be expensive but your gifts don’t have to be. If you can’t afford lavish gifts or a large cash bonus for the couple, it’s not the end of the world. Together, all their guests, friends, and family will shower them with all different kinds of things.

It’s the thought that counts and affordable wedding gifts don’t have to be cheap or unmemorable. Spend some time really thinking about what the couple likes and what would be useful and meaningful to them. You can also look at their registry and pick from the more affordable items to help you get started.

What are the best affordable wedding gifts in your opinion?


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