The end of summer is a great time to tap into sales and promotions. Here are some of the best end of summer deals that you and your family can’t miss.

1. Summer Clothes

If you’re a savvy shopper, it will come as no surprise that purchasing seasonal clothes at the end of the current season will warrant killer deals. If you have children or are looking for a new work wardrobe, this is a great way to shop.

Stick to classic pieces that won’t date their style. This will enable you to keep your entire family stylish without breaking the bank.

2. Outdoor Gear and Décor

The closing of summer marks the end of the most “outdoor” oriented season of the year. With summer ending, stores such as Gander Outdoors, Bass Pro Shop, and Cabela’s want to move their summer stock so they can use the space to promote their fall and winter items.

Take this opportunity to capitalize on the purchase of some of their most coveted gear during the end of the season. If you’ve had your eye on that ocean kayak, this may be the perfect time for you to grab it for next summer.

3. Beach and Camping Gear       

Outdoor gear also incorporates items you can take on a family vacation. Whether you head to the mountains or the beach, discounts are available. Search the aisles and clearance bins at your local gear store for discounted tents, sleeping bags, and s’more making accessories.

If you’re a sand and sea lover, look for outdoor chairs, beach tents, and towels. If you do find these items at a discount, they won’t last long. Grab them while you can!

4. Landscaping and Patio Items

A final outdoor area to search for is your home oasis otherwise known as your back patio. As the days of summer wind down, Lowe’s and The Home Depot often try to unload their summer patio stock to make way for fall and winter décor.

Don’t stop there. While your oasis should accommodate all of your relaxation needs, you’ll also want the surrounding areas to look good. Make sure you give the lawn care aisle a second glance. Look for deals on lawnmowers, weed whackers, trimmers, and other items that will keep your grass and landscaping up to par.

5. School Supplies

The end of summer means the momentous beginning of a new school year. When school begins, school supplies are in high demand. Retailers like Target, Walmart, and Office Depot prepare for the increased demands for items like #2 pencils, ruled paper, and Kleenex.

In fact, some of these storefronts carry the local school supply lists so that parents who forgot this information have it accessible.

6. Travel

Summer is a huge travel season for most individuals. Whether it’s taking a trip to the beach or a flight across the pond, families take advantage of the months away from school to go on vacation. When school starts and summer ends, a travel slump occurs, called the shoulder season.  It’s the awkward time of year between summer and the holidays where travel is down. Consumers are more focused on staying home, going to school, and working.

This can work to your advantage. Between late August and early November, travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity emphasize the reduced cost of travel available. This is great news for those willing to vacation in the off-season. You may find that you have the chance to embark on several cost-effective vacations.

7. College Gear and Furniture

College gear, much like school supplies, is also available at discounted rates at the end of summer. The difference here is that you’ll be purchasing household oriented items as opposed to school focused. Think shower caddies, storage bins, and extra-long twin sheets.

Stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, and The Container Store offer big discounts to students who will return to universities in the fall. Like school supplies, check your mail regularly to collect mailed coupons. Also, download the apps to these stores so you can receive updates about upcoming sales that will save you money on your college dorm needs.

Other Tips for Saving Money

Here are some other tips for saving money at the end of summer.

Use Retail Apps & Paper Coupons

Utilizing your favorite retailer’s phone apps may help you save even more money on top of sales. Make sure you keep your app open and ready when you check out so you can receive the best discount available.

Before you leave to shop, check out Coupon Chief’s available deals online. It may even be prudent to go “old school” and review your mailers. Your mailers may have some valuable coupons in them that will enable you to save money.

Find Pre-Labor Day Sales

Remember, Labor Day weekend offers numerous sales opportunities. However, to push old stock items to make way for new items, stores will often offer pre-Labor Day sales. These sales don’t usually feature the next season’s styles, however; they will offer current season price discounts.

Utilize Tax-Free Weekends

Many states offer a weekend in early August that promotes tax-free sales. This means that all of your purchases will be tax-exempt allowing you to make purchases at face value. For people who like to shop in bulk, this is a great deal. The more you spend, the more money you’ll save on taxes.

However, it’s important to ensure you’re being smart about your shopping. If you’re only picking up one or two pieces make sure that they’re reasonably priced. Don’t be falsely enamored by tax-free and purchase expensive items under the guise that you’re saving a lot of money. Keep in mind, that taxes are usually a very small portion of your overall payment. Buying items tax-free isn’t an excuse to go on a shopping spree.

The Bottom Line

This is a great time of year to seek and participate in end of summer deals. Exercise your savvy shopping skills and get ready to enjoy big savings before the fall season hits.


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