Everyone has their standard, go-to gifts for the people around them: gift-cards for the selective, tools for the family mechanic, a cookbook for the social circle’s chef, and more. Circumstances aren’t always the same, though. When you can’t be right with the people you care about, or the ones you love are feeling anxious, changing your approach can show how much you’ve thought about them. Here are seven awesome gift ideas for the people in your life who need a little extra love.

Fictional Books

People often dream about escaping into another world when reality gets too hectic. A thoughtfully selected fictional story may be the ticket to helping your loved one take a mental vacation. Get a sense of what kind of tales interest them: romances, adventures, or even thrillers. Everybody’s tastes are different, after all.

If you want to make it personal, sign the inner cover with a message from you. It can be why you picked that particular novel or a few well-wishes. It’ll let them know the consideration you put into the purchase, which will make the story feel all the more special.

It’s important to consider, the person you’re giving a gift to might not be a big reader, though. Some people prefer visual mediums or other methods of story-telling. If that is the case, consider substituting the book with a movie, graphic novel, or even a podcast recommendation. The important thing isn’t the method, but the outcome so that no matter what, they’ll have a perfect story in hand that allows them to escape for a little.

Non-Fiction Books

Both fiction and non-fiction are valuable resources. They allow the reader to remove themselves from the stress of their daily lives while also learning lessons along the way. Non-fiction, however, is for the concrete reader. This reader doesn’t want to escape their world necessarily; they want to understand how to navigate it.

There are genres for non-fiction, just like fiction. You can buy based on the topics they typically like or try introducing them to the one you feel will help guide them the best. A biography may be the right place to start if you think they need a role model to follow after or maybe a historical account for those who want to see where things started.

MasterClass Subscription

MasterClass is a streaming platform that hosts hundreds of video lessons taught by over 90 of the world’s best. Some of the available instructors, to name a few, are Neil deGrasse Tyson, Gordon Ramsay, and David Lynch – all leaders at the forefront of their respective fields. The annual membership is $180, which provides unlimited access to a catalog of 90+ classes with each including 20 video lessons. From photography to leadership, every class is designed to be accessible for any person on any level.

Some people always want to be students, even after they’ve left their education behind. MasterClass appeals to anyone who can’t get enough learning and loves having an opportunity to better themselves. Gifting access to knowledge supports their passion.

Accountability Calendar

When our lives become unstable, whether it’s because of personal matters or things happening around us, we need something to help us get back on track. An accountability calendar can be a useful gift for that. It’s essentially a tool that helps the owner build a routine or habit. It can help them keep track of the time they’ve spent on something, so they know how hard they’re working toward their goals. You can even encourage the receiver to set up a reward system for themselves if they’ve done incredibly well each day (or set up some rewards for them on your own).

In the end, they’ll have the satisfaction of their success and the effort it took to get there all laid out in front of them.

Self-Care Package

Maybe the person you’re gift-searching for really just wants a break, a moment to pamper themselves. Therefore, another awesome gift idea is a self-care package. You can buy one pre-made, such as a hand-lotion sampler set, or you can piece one together yourself. It depends on what you’re most comfortable doing and the time you have on hand. However, putting one together yourself is an opportunity to give a little extra attention to the individual’s preferences.

Sweets, candles, and face masks are great starting points for you to work from, or a themed basket might help you group together items. The goal isn’t about quantity, though, so don’t feel like you have to pick one of everything. A few well-chosen items will do just fine.

Hobby Supplies

Hobby supplies are always a great gift idea because it can feel so indulgent to the receiver. People often hold themselves back from getting items related to their hobby. It can feel like something they want rather than something they need, so they’ll shelve it for another day. By getting your artist-friend some new pencils or your cousin that modeling kit they’ve been eyeing, you’re telling them it’s okay to enjoy themselves.

On the other hand, somebody in your life may not have even started the hobby, but they’ve been talking about it to you. Take this chance to introduce them to it and encourage their progress along the way. Plus, whether they’re a novice or an expert, having a hands-on task can be an excellent way to ground those who need a bit more stability in their schedule.

Personalized Gifts

Some of the sweetest gifts you can give someone in your life is to show them how much you value the time you’ve spent together. One way to approach this kind of gift is to find on photos, and there are several to do that these days. If you prefer something simple, then just collecting memories into a photo album may be the way to go.

Alternatively, if you want a present that’s a little more on the unique side, consider picking just one, very special, picture. You can then have it made into a puzzle, a snow globe, or you can even commission an artist online, such as through the website Etsy, to redraft the image into a sketch or painting.

Use what you know about the person in your life to determine what would make them happiest. If that means a scrapbook with too many stickers, then so be it. This is a gift that should not only be fun to receive but fulfilling to make, as well. In the end, it should remind you both of how much you mean to each other. 

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the best gift you can give those you care about is yourself. When situations become complicated and you can’t be together, physical items act as an extension of yourself. These are just a few examples of some awesome gift ideas, but the important part is what you put into it. Uncertainty can make people feel insecure, but your gift can remind them of what matters most; you care about them.


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