Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you’re interested in getting therapy, the cost can be a huge deciding factor.

Some health insurance plans don’t cover certain types of therapy. If you don’t have insurance, obtaining quality therapy services may seem even more expensive. It doesn’t have to be though. You can still put your mental health first and stick to your budget. Here are 6 ways to find affordable therapy.

1. Community Health Center

Community health centers are a great place to find affordable care. Most of them provide health services as well as crisis intervention, substance abuse counseling, and therapy.

You may be able to qualify for discounts based on your income. Even if your income is higher, a sliding fee scale may apply. To find a community health center in your area that may provide affordable therapy, check out this resource.

2. College or University

Your local university is bound to offer therapy and mental health services. I was shocked to find out that my old college offered this years ago and it was even free for students. I did a few therapy sessions with a graduate student who was studying counseling.

These services at colleges may be affordable since students are providing them, but they do have plenty of training. Most of the time, a licensed faculty member is supervising and some students still have years of experience in this area.

3. Group Therapy

Another way to find affordable therapy near you is to consider group therapy. With this option, you can often share the cost of therapy with others and still receive the help and guidance you need.

Yes, you’ll have to feel okay with talking around others, but some group therapy sessions are anonymous. Plus, you may take comfort in finding that someone else is going through a similar situation or has questions that you may not have thought to ask.

4. Sliding Fee Services

Some therapists may offer their services on a sliding fee scale as a way to give people with fewer resources a lower fee.

For example, if an office charges $175 per hour for therapy but you earn less than $70,000 per year, you may only have to pay $75 for the hour.

Do a quick Google search for ‘free and income-based mental health clinics’ and see what you find.

5. Find Affordable Therapy Through Churches

If you attend a church, see if they have a counseling ministry. Often times, members and elders in the church go through training to be able to provide counseling services.

Going through your church is will likely be more affordable than a private therapist or it may even be free.

My husband and used church counselors to help us work out some communication issues and we only paid $30 per session. Each session lasted at least 90 minutes and it was a major help to us in the long run.

6. Apps and Websites

Thanks to the internet, there are quite a few websites and apps that you can use to find affordable therapy.

Open Path Collective is a site that can connect you with local licensed therapists who provide individual sessions ranging between $30 – $60. FreeClinics.comand Psychology Today are other sites you can use to find affordable therapy.

TalkSpace is an online therapy app you can use to chat regularly with a professional therapist. Unlimited messaging therapy starts at just $65 per week for individuals. You can also request a video conversation with a therapist as well depending on the type of service you choose. TalkSpace coupons are often readily available so be sure to check before signing up to see how much you can save.


Prioritizing your mental health is more than a form of self-care; it’s a necessity. You don’t have to forego the therapy you need due to having a lower budget.

Take advantage of these options to find affordable therapy in your area. Using group therapy, a sliding fee payment system, or a church or school can make it easier to budget for without allowing your mental health to suffer.


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