The dreaded words: “I’m bored!”

Too often it feels like there are no new activities to explore… no new museums to visit… no new parks to walk through. Today we are going to change that: Here is an exhaustive list of family-friendly local adventures, so you never have to worry about running out of activity ideas for spending some quality bonding time with the whole family.

Visit The Local Fire Station

Did you know that most Fire Stations (and sometimes Police Stations as well) will hold events to interact with local children and families? Sometimes, you can also call in advance and schedule a full station tour on a quieter day. This is a fun way to teach the kids about local history and introduce them to some upstanding members of the community.

Volunteering Can Be An Adventure!

Is there an abundance of charities in your city that could use some extra helping-hands? Volunteering at a food bank, for example, is a great way to aid your community and teach younger children some valuable life-lessons about helping those in need.

Learn A New Hobby Together

There are so many interesting hobbies out there… you are bound to find one that resonates with the whole family!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Magic – Little kids especially love learning cool card tricks, and other magic. Then they can impress their friends at school with their new magic skills, or show off to family at the next holiday dinner.
  • Cooking – This is arguably one of the most important life skills, and can be turned into a fun and healthy everyday hobby. Try and find out everyone’s favorite type of food to cook, and then have each family member contribute one item to a “royal feast.”
  • Card Games – Maybe it would be fun to learn a family card game. This could be anything from poker to UNO. Don’t forget that depending on the type of card game you choose, they often teach important critical thinking skills through strategy.
  • Photography – Does anyone in your family have an artistic side? Why not take up photography and then explore your local area through a completely new lens. This is a fun way to explore your creative side without being the least bit expensive.

Alternatively, you could even try to be more active as a family hobby. For instance, you can turn working out, playing outdoor sports, and eating healthy into an inter-family competition.

Local Sporting Events

Local sports games are fun for the whole family! Check with your local information center, and think about planning a day out at the local fields next weekend (weather permitting). Everything from minor-league baseball, soccer, to football games are a great way to experience a sporting event without spending a lot. You can even try to mimic the “big league” experience by tailgating and cooking up a tasty barbecue lunch before the game.

The Unofficial “Field Day”

If there aren’t any sporting events going on… create the game yourself! Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to the local park for an unofficial field day. If you get enough people to attend, it’s easy to organize fun outdoor field games like capture the flag, soccer, or touch-football. Don’t feel constrained to normal activities, sometimes the most enjoyable family adventures are free.

“Travel” To An Exotic Culture For Dinner

If you’re up for a thrilling adventure, think of a type of food you’ve never experienced and seek out the most authentic representation in your area. So if you’ve never done Thai food before, that means you should find the most authentic Thai food near your city, and go there with the intention of getting the full experience. Ask your waiter for the best choice on the menu, and then give it a try. You won’t love every dish you try, but the important part is that you challenged your comfort zone and tried eating an entirely new type of food.

An Amazing View… Conveniently Set In Your Back Yard

Do you have a large back yard (or nearby campsite)? Look up sunset times for the upcoming weeks, and pick out a day when you can set aside time to truly appreciate a beautiful sunset. You can pair this idea with others, like having a family barbecue in the back yard beforehand. You could even create a small treasure map for the family to try and decipher.

Similarly, there’s another underrated family adventure that happens in the same place. Can you think of it? Stargazing! Camp out in your back yard — this is a great time to learn some fun skills like how to start a fire, or how to set up a tent — and wait for nighttime. You can even roast some marshmallows to make s’mores, and tell spooky stories like a true camp experience. Then take some time to appreciate the great star constellations that we so often take for granted. Bonus points if you read up on constellations, and can accurately point them out in the sky.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Does your family like physical activities? It might be fun to plan out — from start to finish — a cool woodworking project. This includes anything from a treehouse to a doghouse (or an enclosure for other animals). This is a great way to embark on a fun long-term project that has a huge benefit upon completion. You get to build memories and important life skills on a very inexpensive budget.

Watch Classic Movies

Wouldn’t it be fun to show the kids some of the most influential movies from your adolescence? It can be really enjoyable — and sometimes surprising for the younger kids — to experience great classic movies. It’s a cool way to teach the kids about how much the culture has changed since your childhood, and other similar life lessons.

Did you realize there are so many opportunities for creating your own inexpensive fun adventures? Which one of these ideas are you going to try out for your next family event?

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