Everyone wants to save money, and stores do a great job of enticing us all to “save” in a variety of ways. The concept of buying in bulk is becoming more common than ever before.

Many people question if they are really saving money when they make bulk purchases. The real answer is that you can indeed save if you shop the right way.

Do I Really Need That

You really don’t need to purchase a case of 200 toothbrushes. This could not only last you a lifetime, but it will it sit on your shelf for years before you ever use them all. It’s just not a sound move.


On the other hand if you have a large family you might think about buying toilet paper and paper towels in bulk. Not all items are great deals, and not all great deals are right for you.


Any item that you will use in a short period of time is a good choice for buying in bulk. There are many membership warehouses that offer bulk items that are perfect choices for families. Dry ingredients for your home including sugar and flour are good options, especially if you bake a lot.


Avoid buying bulk items that will result in eating the same thing day after day or eating more than you normally would consume. For example, don’t buy a five pound bag of chips or a five pound box of cookies. Buying these items in bulk may not only cause your family to overeat foods that are not all that healthy, but you may find everyone in your family will quickly tire of the taste.


Large bags of these types of products are great for parties but not always great for your family’s daily consumption. Avoid them if you can and avoid the impulse to buy a case of candy bars, unless it’s Halloween of course!


Think About Sharing

If you find that items that are a good deal but more than you reasonably need, you could consider buying bulk items with another family or a friend. This way you can share what you have bought and the expenses to buy it. All you will need to do this is grab some large zipper bags or containers and then split up the purchase evenly. It’s a great way to get a deal and avoid overbuying.


Here are the top items to buy in bulk:



Meat is one of the best items you can buy in bulk. Bulk meats such as ground beef, bacon and chicken are a good option. Just purchase freezer paper or freezer bags and store your frozen meats properly.


Canned Goods
Canned goods can last for years, so they are a great candidate for bulk purchases. Some good choices are soups, canned vegetables, and sauces that you will use for cooking. You will want to have smaller cans rather than large restaurant-sized cans of these foods.


Baby Basics
Babies are expensive, and sometimes parents are caught off guard by the cost of all of the things required to keep them clean and dry. Buying diapers, baby wipes, and baby formula in bulk are all good ways to save money on those necessities.



If you use dry cat or dog food then buying it in bulk can really work for you. Compare the cost of larger bags of food by finding out the cost per ounce or pound. You might consider grabbing a small trash can to store the pet food in and get the most out of your purchase.


Laundry and Cleaning
Most people don’t change the type of laundry detergent or cleaning supplies they use. You can purchase these items in bulk and save plenty of money.

When it comes to cleaning products, most of the time they will come in larger bottles that you can pour into smaller spray bottles.


Paper Goods and Hair Care
Both paper goods and hair care products are easily stored and used over a long period of time. If you find a great deal on toilet paper or shampoo, then take advantage of it and save. These are things you know you will use and always need. There’s nothing wrong with buying these in bulk.


Dried Beans and Pasta

This is a great way to save a lot. You may need to learn how to cook beans that are dried vs. those that come from a can, but the savings are incredible. About six months ago I purchased a five pound bag of dried black beans. The whole bag cost $5.90, but the equivalent in canned black beans is about $34.20. The bag lasted over 6 months, and we saved a ton.

Always Do the Math

To ensure you are getting a good deal on bulk items, take the time to read the information relating to the cost of the item per unit, per pound and per ounce. This way you can compare that price with the overall cost of buying it in the store.


In some cases you will be able to find some really good deals that will save you money. On the other hand don’t be so quick to pick up that big package of an item without finding out how much each individual item is really costing you. Manufacturers have gotten very good at selling items on the concept and package designs rather than pricing.


Do you buy in bulk? What are some of the items you buy regularly?



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