When it comes to money, there are unique challenges women face. There is the gender pay gap, women are becoming the breadwinners more often, and relationship dynamics are shifting. Also, women couldn’t even get a credit card until 1974 if you can believe it. There are also even more financial challenges that women of color face. That’s why it’s important to get money advice from women that you can relate to. International Women’s Day is on March 8th so in honor of that, here are 12 women personal finance creators you need to follow. 

1. Tiffany Aliche aka The Budgetnista

The Budgetnista aka Tiffany Aliche is all about making personal finance accessible for women and is deemed ‘America’s favorite financial educator’. She’s the author of Get Good with Money” and has helped thousands of students with her Live Richer Academy. As if that’s not enough, she is the co-host of the Brown Ambition podcast and also helped pass The Budgetnista Law in New Jersey, which made financial education required as part of the middle school curriculum (how cool is that?). 

Check out the Budgetnista’s website, Twitter, and Instagram. 

2. Farnoosh Torabi 

Farnoosh Torabi is the author of When She Makes More”, a book about how to manage being the breadwinner as a woman and deal with any conflicts that may arise. She also hosts the well-known podcast “So Money”. She is also a sought-after speaker and financial journalist. 

Check out Farnoosh’s website, Twitter, and Instagram

3. Berna Anat 

I met Berna Anat of Hey Berna a few years ago and immediately understood why she is called a Financial Hype Woman. Her energy is infectious, she is fun, and makes talking about money a delight. She paid off $50,000 in debt and saved money to travel. For financial literacy and amazing Instagram content, you must follow Hey Berna. 

Check out Berna’s website, Twitter, and Instagram. 

4. Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

Jannese Torres-Rodriguez is the podcast host of the Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast. She is a Latina influencer and wealth coach whose mission is to revolutionize financial literacy, especially for Latinas and the BIPOC community. She has paid off $39,000 in just 17 months and inspires others to leave the 9 to 5 rat race to pursue a different kind of life and career. 

You can check out Jannese’s website, Twitter, and Instagram. 

5. Tonya Rapley 

Tonya Rapley is the founder of My Fab Finance and is a millennial money expert and helps women break the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck.

She has been on the cover of Black Enterprise and has spoken all over the country empowering women around finance. She also founded Muhturnl, a nonprofit that offers financial and educational support to mothers and mothers-to-be. 

You can check out Tonya’s website, Twitter, and Instagram

6. Erin Lowry 

Erin Lowry aka Broke Millennial is an author, speaker, and blogger who helps break down financial concepts into easily understandable nuggets. Her latest book helps you navigate those awkward financial conversations too. Her Ask Me Anything sessions on Instagram offer so much education and insight and brings a level of nuance to finance. 

You can check out Erin’s website, Twitter, and Instagram

7. Bola Sokunbi

Bola Sokunbi is the founder of the site Clever Girl Finance, which is a finance education platform for women. Women can access free resources, personal finance courses, and community. She is also a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) and author. 

You can check out Bola’s website, Twitter, and Instagram

8. Tori Dunlap 

Tori Dunlap is the founder of HerFirst100k, a site with the tagline “fighting the patriarchy by making you rich.” After saving up $100k by age 25, she’s on a mission to help other women get financially confident, ask for more, and build wealth. She has free courses and has tons of financial advice on her Instagram. She’s a woman to watch. 

You can check out Tori’s website, Twitter, and Instagram.

9. Kara Perez 

Kara Perez is the founder of Bravely Go, an educational finance platform and resource for women. Perez hosts virtual events (and in the before times, in-person ones too) that break down concepts like investing. She also has a couple’s workbook to help you and your SO get on the same page about money. Kara hands down has the best Instagram stories on economic policies that affect your money. 

You can check out Kara’s website, Twitter, and Instagram. 

10. Haley Sacks 

Haley Sacks, better known as Mrs. Dow Jones is well-known for her amazing finance memes on Instagram. But within her memes she shares a ton of great finance information that is both fun and informative. 

You can check out Haley’s Instagram and YouTube. 

11. Kumiko Love 

Kumiko Love, better known as The Budget Mom shares how to master the art of budgeting and pay off debt. She has shared her journey from ‘broke single mom to money expert’. She has free and affordable courses that can help you get started with your budget and kick off your savings goals. 

You can check out Kumiko’s website, Twitter, and Instagram

12. Amanda Holden 

Amanda Holden aka The Dumpster Doggy is your go-to-gal for all things investing. She is a comedic force and shares brilliant investing gems that easily break down the confusing terms so you can understand what they actually mean. Her Invested Development course is chock full of hours of information to take your investing knowledge to the next level, with a dose of humor and fun. 

You can check out Amanda’s website, Twitter, and Instagram

Bottom line 

If you’re looking for women in finance to support, this is a great place to start. You can learn about how to build wealth, pay off debt, save smarter, and invest. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are many, many other women in personal finance to follow. You can even join communities like the Women’s Personal Finance group on Facebook or the Ladies Get Paid Slack Channel. Due to the internet and social media, you can now find women in finance in nearly all niches and aspects of finances to support and learn from.


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