Your mom deserves the world this holiday season. But, if you’re a little short on cash and need some gift ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are 12 frugal holiday gifts she’ll love.

What I Love About Mom Journal 

Want to warm mom’s heart this holiday season? Grab a “What I Love About Mom” Journal. This cute book comes in 15 unique color combinations and contains heartfelt fill in the blank entries that will make her laugh. You can find this journal on Amazon.

Cost: $10.00

Oversized Family Portrait 

Have a copy of your favorite family portrait on file? Consider getting it enlarged and placed on a canvas to make mom smile each time she enters the room and sees her beautiful family. A quick tip: it may be better to have this done online through a site like Shutterfly or CanvasWorld to keep costs down. 

Cost: varies

Themed Basket 

Put a personal touch on your holiday gift for mom with a themed basket. There are hundreds of themes to choose from, but popular ones include spa supplies, cocktails, tasty treats, and great reads. Plus, you’ll have control over how much you spend since you’ll be picking out what to include in the basket. 

Cost: varies by theme and contents of the basket

Five Ingredient Cookbook

Now, mom can take the hassle out of meal prep with the “Five Ingredient Cookbook”. It’s loaded with mouthwatering recipes that can be prepared using five ingredients or less. Even better, she won’t have to make multiple trips to the grocery store just to pick up that one missing ingredient for her next batch of meals. This 78-page cookbook is available on Amazon.

Cost: Less than $10

Menu Planner 

Maybe mom loves to cook but would prefer to stick with her own recipes? If she has a ton to choose from, it could be overwhelming to decide what meal she’ll prepare each day. Or, you can grab her a meal planner make her life easier. You can create your own or order her one online.

Cost: Less than $10

Cocktail Kit 

Does mom enjoy entertaining others on her downtime? Grab her a cocktail kit so she can wow her guests at the next get together. Some come with tongs, a bottle opener, and cocktail recipe cards to help her create the perfect drink. 

Cost: $10.00 to $20.00

Her Favorite Plants  

Plants can add a nice touch to any room. If mom happens to have a garden or a place in her home where she keeps her favorite plants, why not add a few more to the collection?

Cost: varies

Customized Bedding offers an assortment of customizable quilts, blanks, throws, and pillows at rock bottom prices.  Even better, they’re offering a 60 percent discount on your first order. All you have to do is input your email into the popup that appears on the homepage and you’ll receive a coupon in your inbox. 

Don’t have any pics to upload? Steal mom’s phone for a few minutes and send your favorite pics to yourself.  Or snap a few selfies and use those.

Cost: as low as $9 (plus shipping) 

Unique Coffee Mug 

Don’t just head into your nearby big-box retailer, pick up a mug off the shelf, and hand it over to mom. Customize a mug using one of her favorite sayings or a quote that reminds you of her. And use a service, like A Gift Personalized, to have it delivered to her home. 

Cost: $10 to $20

Homemade Coupon Book 

Running really low on cash? A coupon book that allows mom to take a break from all the hustle and bustle will definitely be a gift she loves. Need a few ideas? Breakfast in bed, a cooked meal for dinner, cleaning, or load of laundry are a few good places to start. 

Cost: free

Movie Tickets for Two

Been a while since you spent some quality with mom? Why not treat her to a movie, followed by a nice but affordable lunch or dinner date? And if you really  want to keep costs low, catch a matinee and dine at a place with stellar lunch specials. 

Cost: $30.00 – $40.00

Pamper Mom for the Day

Ditch the pricey salons and host a spa day for mom in the comforts of her home. Grab a low-cost footbath, manicure bowl, and a few supplies from the local beauty supply store. And don’t forget the wine, crackers, cheese, and bubbly to top off the in-home spa experience. 

Cost: $20.00 to $30.00

Final Thoughts 

Whether you decide to stick with a DIY gift idea, go shopping, or take her out, there are many frugal holiday gift ideas to choose from that mom will absolutely love. And when coming up with the perfect holiday gift idea for mom, remember it’s the thought that counts. So, do what you can and don’t stress about the money. She’ll appreciate the effort you put in to make her day no matter what.



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