Podcasts are increasing in popularity, and it seems like there is a podcast about nearly everything. You can listen to podcasts on your way to work, when you’re cleaning your house, or on your morning walk. If you’re looking for new podcasts to listen to and also improve your finances, here are 10 financial podcasts to listen to. 

1. So Money

Farnoosh Torabi hosts the So Money podcast, which has a wide range of guests. The show dives into all things money, business, and life and has heavy hitters like Tim Gunn, fitness trainer Jillian Michaels, financial author David Bach and more.

On top of that, she also has her “Ask Farnoosh” shows where she answers pressing and common money questions such as “Should I quit my job?” or “Should I change my investments?” The show is chock full of great advice and helps listeners learn about money in a digestible way. 

2. This is Awkward

When you think of talking about money, you’re probably thinking, “This is awkward.” The This is Awkward podcast tackles this theme to help answer your money questions.

Though the show is relatively new, it’s hosted by personal finance veterans Chris Browning of Popcorn Finance and Allison Baggerly of Inspired Budget. The show allows callers to ask questions about real-life situations. If you have a call and want to be on the show, you can call 707-200-8259 and leave a voicemail. 

3. BiggerPockets 

Are you into real estate or real estate investing? A must-listen show is the BiggerPockets podcast. They already have a successful site, but on the podcast they dive into common questions about the rules of investing in real estate, mistakes you could make, investing in state or out of state and more. The show is comprehensive in the topics it covers around real estate, so if that’s your jam, this one’s for you. 

4. Martinis and Your Money 

If you need a podcast to listen to for a Friday night happy hour, Martinis and Your Money is a good option. Shannon McLay, who is the CEO and founder of The Financial Gym, hosts the show. The tagline is “living a better life one cocktail at a time.” 

The show is all about drinking martinis or other alcoholic beverages while talking about the taboo topic of money.

This show makes money fun and carefully breaks down financial details with some guests getting “financially naked.” I happen to be on the official “happy hour” segment once a month with the host Shannon, as well as bloggers Tonya from Budget and The Beach and Liz from The Frugalwoods. The show has been around several years, so it is a good one to binge from the beginning. 

5. Journey to Launch 

If you’re looking for informative advice and inspiring and groundbreaking conversations, listen to the Journey to Launch podcast by Jamila Souffrant. Jamila is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) as well as a blogger who shares ways to earn more, pay off debt, invest, and get wealthy. 

She also talks about timely and relevant topics like Black Lives Matter & The Black Tax: The Cost of Being Black in America” The podcast has a high rating of 4.9 on iTunes with a thousand ratings.

6. Beyond the Dollar 

Looking for something substantial and thought-provoking? The podcast Beyond the Dollar by Sarah Li Cain delivers.

The show discusses things that are “beyond the dollar” and goes deep into how money affects our emotional and financial wellbeing. Sarah has brave and intimate conversations with guests, who talk about everything from the cost of coming out to uncoupling your finances, emotional spending, resiliency, and more. 

7. Smart Passive Income 

If you’re into business and making money, Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn is a great podcast to listen to. 

He hosts some of the smartest minds in business like Ramit Sethi, Tim Ferris, Amy Porterfield, and more. The show includes interviews and also lots of tips, actionable advice, and more. Since one of the ways to build wealth is through starting a business and entrepreneurship, this show can help you get started. 

8. Fairer Cents

If you want money advice and conversations from a feminist perspective, listening to The Fairer Cents is a must.

Hosts Kara Perez and Tanja Hester talk through various issues like the economics of childbirth, emotional labor, being single and managing money, and more. The show was voted Best Personal Finance Podcast for women at the 2019 Plutus Awards and garners lots of media mentions as a top podcast to listen to.

9. Financially Savvy in 20 minutes

Looking for a podcast where you can learn a lot in a short amount of time? You can check out Financially Savvy in 20 minutes with Natalie Torres-Haddad.

Most of the show is also published in both English and Spanish, so if you’re a native Spanish speaker or want to practice your Spanish, this is a good one. 

The show covers minimalism and debt, mental health and finances, and includes financial resources and more. 

10. Stacking Benjamins 

Joe Saul-Sehy hosts Stacking Benjamins, which is one of the classic financial podcasts. The show is funny, irreverent, and fast-paced and each show shares several segments.

The show is set in “Joe’s mom’s basement” and includes timely episodes on how new grads can start saving as well as other episodes focusing on earning more, paying off debt, and managing finances.

Listen to these financial podcasts

The good news about listing these 10 financial podcasts is there is something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in feminist finance, entrepreneurship, general financial advice, or having awkward money convos, there’s something here for you. If not, there are a million more out there as well. You can listen to these podcasts on iTunes or Spotify or nearly any podcast streaming service.


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