pantry with food

How to Organize a Pantry – Yes You Can!

Even if you are someone who HATES to be organized, can’t STAND being on schedule, and is absolutely fine with leaving the laundry and dishes undone while you kick back with a cup of tea – there’s one place where almost everyone appreciates a little organization: The pantry.

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Coupon Improvement

How Couponing Can Make You A Better Person – Seriously!

Think of someone you respect: one of those driven, passionate, focused go-getters. Do you think they have problems with their budgets? Of course they don’t – because successful people get all that drive and confidence from having a stable foundation.

That’s not just about having a controlled budget, or exercising, or maintaining healthy relationships. Seeing those things, we respect these people, but their positive practices are actually symptoms of strong skills: things like mindfulness, decision-making, attention to detail, and what psychologists call executive function…

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mother daughter

Mama Used S&H Green Stamps (Kohl’s Coupons Came Later)

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Spring Family Activities

The Best Springtime Activities To Enjoy With Your Family

As the weather gets nicer and the temperatures get warmer, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors once again. If you’re looking to pack your schedule full of non-stop fun with family-friendly activities, then you’re in luck! There are so many different hobbies, games, and forms of entertainment to try with the whole family. You could spend the entire season trying new things, and still have some saved for next year. Here are our favorite outdoor activities you can enjoy all spring (and summer!) long.

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Beginner Extreme Couponing

Beginner’s Guide: How To Start Couponing And Fit It Into Your Schedule

Couponing takes a lot of time, right? This is a common worry of new couponers. The idea of finding, organizing, and using coupons can be very daunting. Today we want to demonstrate just how easy it can be to get started. With just a little bit of preparation (and the right guide) you can become an extreme couponer this week.

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Unboxing Savings with Coupon Chief Contest

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Extreme Couponing Tips

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Extreme Couponing Efforts

Couponing has become such a complex process. You have to find coupons, organize them, make purchases, and stay on top of a whole host of other things. For some people, this can make the entire extreme couponing hobby seem out of reach. Fear not, today we’re going to demonstrate how you can get the most out of limited couponing time. You don’t need to dedicate entire days, or weeks, to couponing to see serious results… in fact, many couponers are able to save significant amounts of money without breaking a sweat.

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Lower Your Supermarket Spending

How To Cut Back On Your Grocery Budget… And Still Leave The Store With More!

You name it, they sell it. Groceries are one of the largest expenses for a typical household. Is that because food costs have been increasing… or something else? We believe the latter: It’s easier than ever to cut back on your spending at supermarkets, you just need to know the right strategies. Discover the top 5 ways to cut back on your grocery bill…

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Couponing Mistakes

Don’t Make These 7 Extreme Couponing Mistakes!

Couponing is an extremely enjoyable and rewarding hobby… but it is also fairly complicated. There are so many different rules and regulations to keep in mind while shopping. You have to know the expiration dates, the exclusions, and so many other pieces of information hidden away in the “fine print.” To make matters worse, sometimes new couponers will have trouble interpreting the “legal speak” and this can lead to missed opportunities (and less savings!).

Don’t worry — today you’re going to discover the seven most common extreme couponing mistakes. You’ll learn how to keep yourself from going into coupon overload…

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Family Cold Weather Fun

15 Lively Cold-Weather Activities For Your Whole Family (That Won’t Break The Budget!)

It’s February. It’s winter… and it’s cold. But that doesn’t have to mark the end of family fun. There are a whole variety of cold-weather activities that will thrill just about everyone. Whether you love the cold or would vastly prefer beach weather, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our list and find the perfect cold-weather activity for your family.

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